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Wimco Villa Rentals Privacy Policy

Our policy was updated on Friday, August 20, 2004

Wimco does not collect any personally identifying information without your explicit consent.

Wimco currently does not collect credit card or other financial data on its web site.

Your email address and any other information you do choose to provide is stored in a secure database on a secure server.

As of May 8, 2004, we will not rent, sell, share, give away, or otherwise pass along the information you have provided to us, in any way whatsoever.

We will use the information you provide specifically to:

  • (If you are a subscriber) Send you a new issue of the WIMCO E-newsletter, or communicate with you about your subscription.
  • Communicate with you about a reservation you have started online.
  • We may also, from time to time, send you a notice about any changes to our site or services.

You can subscribe to the Wimco E-newsletter at any time, just click on "Subscribe to our e-newsletter" to subscribe. If you wish to unsubscribe, instructions for removal come with every e-mail. Instructions for removal are located at the bottom of every e-newsletter.

This web site does make use of cookies for the purposes of providing/maintaining a quality web experience. No personally identifying data is collected or stored in these cookies.

For help with unsubscribing, or questions about this privacy policy, you can email us using our contact page, emailing info@wimco.com, calling 800.449.1553 or postal mail:

P.O. Box 1461
Newport, RI 02840

Thank you.

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