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Cabo San Lucas Events and Activities

Events in Cabo San Lucas are dominated by sport fishing events, colorful national holidays, and the winter whale watching season. Scan the event calendar below to see what’s happening during your vacation to Cabo San Lucas.

October 15-April 15

Whale Migration

Starting October until mid-April, all along the peninsula you should be able to see migrating whales. Several types of whales enjoy the warm waters of Los Cabos, including the Gray Whale, Blue Whale, Sperm Whale, Humpback and Fin Whale. Some of the whale activity is viewable from shore, and there are charter boat trips to get you close in to the action.

January 2010 Cabo San Lucas Events

New Year’s Day (Año Nuevo)- January 1st

National holiday. Banks and public government offices remain closed.

Day of the Kings (Día de los Reyes)- January 6th

The traditional gift-giving day in the Mexican celebration of holidays when children receive toys.

Feast Day of San Antonio de Abad - January 17th

Mexican religious holiday

February 2010 Cabo San Lucas Events

Candelmas - February 2nd

Religious celebration which heralds the arrival of spring with candlelight processions, music, food and dances, and marks the end of winter.

Art Festival 'Todos Santos' - February 4-11th

A large annual art festival that showcases the work of a vast array of local artists. Visitors browse custom jewelry, paintings and other unique items.

Constitution Day - February 5th

National holiday and parade. Banks and public government offices remain closed.>

Friendship Day (Día de Amistad)- February 14th

Look for special menus in fine restaurants, and live music.

Mexican Flag Day - February 24th

Mexican celebration.

March 2010 Cabo San Lucas Events

Carnaval Day - March 5th

Carnaval is an indulgent celebration of pleasure before the sober fasting period of the Catholic Lent. The event begins the weekend before Lent, Carnaval is celebrated exuberantly with feasting, drinking, parades, and dancing in the streets. Port towns such as Ensenada, La Paz, Mazatlan and Veracruz are the best places to watch Carnaval festivities.

Festival of San Jose - San Jose del Cabo - March 8-19th

This festival is in honor of the city's patron saint, San José (St. Joseph). This 11-day festival culminates on March 19 every year. Beginning with evening parties and music on the 8th of March, the festival increases with carnivals and parades on weekends. Food venues are placed throughout all downtown, and booths carrying items like fresh warm tamales and sugared pumpkin candies are also available.

San Patrick's Day - March 17th

USA Celebration

20 San Jose 500 Offroad Race - March 19th

This event takes place in San Jose del Cabo at the "Pista Loco Sandoval" which offers one of the best viewing options for fans as the track is set below viewing area.

Benito Juarez Day - March 21st

National holiday honoring the renowned former president who is known as "The Lincoln of Mexico.” March 21 is the first day of Spring, and the beginning of the Spring break season.

April 2010 Cabo San Lucas Events

Semana Santa and Pascua, (Easter Break)- April 9-16th

Cabo San Lucas is at its peak occupancy during this pre-Easter Holy week, a time of national vocational and "spring break” from schools.

May 2010 Cabo San Lucas Events

Labor Day - May 1st

National holiday. Banks and public government offices remain closed.

Celebration the defeat of the French Army at Puebla in 1862 - May 5th

National holiday, Banks and public government offices remain closed./p>

Mother's Day - May 10th

National Holiday

Rolex/International Game Fish Association Offshore Championship Tournament - May 15-21st

Championship tournament which includes the winners of 77 qualifying tournaments. Fishing for striped marlin, tuna, wahoo and other big billfish are the focus of this championship. Competitors come from around the world with their professional crews for this catch-and-release event. Grand prize is a trophy and a Rolex watch.

June 2010 Cabo San Lucas Events

Navy Day - June 1st

Official Mexican Holiday

BACS Billfish Invitational One - June 15-16th

One of the qualifying tournaments for the Rolex Championship held each year. A ceremonial pistol-shot send-off starts the tournament with the sportfishing boats racing away.

Father's Day - June 20th

National Holiday

Annual Stars & Stripes Fishing and Golf Tournament - June 23-26th

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County’s annual Fishing and Golf Tournament is held at the beautiful Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort.

Las Arenas Spearfishing Meet - June 23rd

This event is held at East Cape, Baja California, for more information call Tel: (888) 644-7376

July 2010 Cabo San Lucas Events

Discover Baja's Neil Kelly Memorial Tournament - July 12-16th

In honor of a woman who is believed to be a protector of Mexico, the festivities begin with many craft vendors on the streets. In the afternoon, a parade of school children followed by mothers with families and puppeteers come their way through the downtown streets. The bullfights also take place in the afternoon at the Toros Stadium one kilometer south of the city. A small fishing tournament run by the city also takes place during this festival day.

East Cape Big Game Blowout - July 22-25

Sponsored by Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort and Western Outdoors News. $20,000 in prizes. For more information please call (800)752-3555. Event held in East Cape.

Baja Capers Fishing Tournament - July 29th -August 2nd

An exciting bill fishing tournament. Event held in East Cape.

Festival of St. James - July 25th

Credited with bringing Catholicism to Mexico, St. James the Apostle is envisioned through legends as a magical man who rides a white horse. The parades and festivities held in Cabo reflect the wonder still felt by the people for this patron saint of Spain. Look for riders mounted on white horses in the parades and re-enacted battlefield skirmishes staged at the town square around dusk. The parades begin at 2pm followed by closed shops and street parties swelling from the cantinas. This event takes place throughout downtown.

August 2010 Cabo San Lucas Events

Bisbee's East Cape Sportfishing Tournament - August 2-6th

East Cape fishing tournament. Anglers compete for Black or Blue Marlin, Dorado and Tuna. Designed for serious anglers who love competition in a casual and convivial environment.

Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - August 15th

Treasured by the people of Mexico, this event celebrates the Virgin Mary's departure from earth and into heaven. Processions begin the day (about 10am) with musical bands and floats denoting the Virgin Mary's life. Many mothers holding babies join the parade, and the locals and tourists stand by and catch the treats thrown to them from the parade participants.

Los Cabos Summer Dive Fiesta - Dates are Varied

A celebration of the sea. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this fourth annual event is filled with terrific diving locations, evening events, parties, treasure hunts, slide shows and more. Renowned Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is just one of the dive stops on this tour of the Cabo San Lucas diving area. Hotel packages and a detailed, day-by-day itinerary are available by calling. (800)745-2226 Schedule of event call (877) 479-3483

September 2010 Cabo San Lucas Events

Dia de Nuestra Señora - September 8th

This local Baja holiday celebrates Baja's first mission.

Baja Sea Turtle Rescue - September 1-30th

To get exact date, please call Tel: (800)727-2252

Mexican Independence Celebration of Los Cabos - September 15-16

The day before the Mexican Independence Day will be celebrated with fireworks, folk dancing and mariachi bands. These festivities will be followed the next day with parades, speeches, family picnics and more.

October 2010 Cabo San Lucas Events

Bethesda Fishing Fundraiser - October 1-6th

Please call to get exact dates: Tel: (800) 919-2252

Annual Los Cabos Billfish Tournament - October 11-15th

Todos Santos Fair and Festivals - October 12th

Event held in Todos Santos. October 12 is the date of the festival of Nuestra Señora del Pilar, the patron saint of Todos Santos. This date is celebrated as the founding of the town of Todos Santos. There are usually activities, including a fair and live music in the plaza, most of the week of the 12th. There is dancing to live music in the evenings on the zocalo…and lots of food and drink.

Dia de la Raza - October 12th

This day also celebrates Columbus' arrival to the Americas, and the historical origins of the Mexican mestizo race which blended the Spanish and the indigenous.

Baja Sur Tequila and Mariachi Festival - October 17-19th

Explore the rich history, culture and many varieties of tequila as you enjoy wonderful Mariachi music.

Fiesta de Cabo San Lucas - October 18th

Festival which celebrates the patron saint of Cabo San Lucas. Every October 18th, streets are closed off downtown for a parade. The festival features dancing, music and food vendors.

For Pete's Sake Fishing Tournament - October 19-24th

A competition to honor Pete Lopiccola's memory, for his love for Cabo, and to help fight the leukemia that claimed his vibrant life, an annual Marlin tournament and charity was named after him. It is now one of the largest and most successful charity Marlin Tournament on the West Coast.

Bisbee's Los Cabos Offshore Tournament - October 21-23rd

anglers compete for tuna, dorado and marlin. Friendly competition, cash prizes.

Monasterio Fly Fishing Safari East Cape

For more information and exact dates please call: Tel: (800) 919-2252

Bisbee's Black and Blue Marlin Tournament - October 25-29th

A dramatic shotgun starts this exciting fishing tournament featuring big cash prizes. Anglers from all over the world converge on Los Cabos to compete for record marlin.

November 2010 Cabo San Lucas Events

Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)- November 1-2nd

an important Mexican holiday merges pre-Columbian beliefs and modern Catholicism. Europe's All Saint's Day and the Aztec worship of the dead contribute to these two days honoring Mexico's dead.

Western Outdoor News Tuna Jackpot Tournament - November 2-5th

Annual Mercury/WON Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot

38th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 - November 17-28th

Annual desert racing event down the length of the Baja Peninsula, through tough desert terrain.

Revolution day - November 20th

On this day parades and rodeos commemorate the Mexican Revolution.

December 2010 Cabo San Lucas Events

Cabo Jazz Escape - December 2-4th

Each December, Cabo San Lucas hosts a star-studded three-day jazz festival, held at various venues throughout town and on Sunset Beach. The festival starts on Thursday with free concerts at the Puerto Paraiso Entertainment Plaza located near the marina. The next two days are the main festival days, with Latin and mainstream jazz on spectacular Sunset Beach featuring several renowned international artists. Saturday night's entertainment ends with a fireworks extravaganza. Tickets are available through the festival website and more information can be obtained through the Cabo Jazz Festival Foundation 1.888.500.1753.

Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe - December 12th

This nationwide display of traditional culture is celebrated with street fairs, fireworks, processions, masses and more.

Christmas Posadas - December 16-24th

Candle-lit processions from house to house for nine days prior to Christmas enhance the excitement of Christmas in Mexico.


With the rest of the Christian world, Mexico celebrates the day of Christmas.

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