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History of Virgin Gorda

The island of Virgin Gorda was inhabited for many years by Carib Indians who lived peacefully off the land in farming and fishing villages. These indigenous people made do by using the islands abundance of natural resources and trading with one another. Eventually the island was settled by the British and like its many neighboring islands, Virgin Gorda was frequently visited by some of histories most notorious pirates.

The settlers began growing sugar crops and soon there were plantations all over the island. Plantation owners became very involved in the slave trade that flourished throughout the British Virgin Islands. Much of the Virgin Gorda’s economy was based on sugar crops and slave trade so when slavery was abolished the island suffered greatly.

As technology and transportation advanced over the years, more and more travelers were able to reach the island. The increased traffic eventually led to full blown tourism and the island’s economy started its come back.

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WIMCO Villas,  Virgin Gorda Vacation rentals BKP BKP, Virgin Gorda, Beachside Nail Bay Vacation home rentals, Beachside Nail Bay Villas


Ultra deluxe beachfront villa, panoramic ocean views, lush gardens, fitness area and tennis court

5 br / 6.5 ba

WIMCO Villas,  Virgin Gorda Vacation rentals VG ANN, Virgin Gorda, Hillside Leverick Bay Vacation home rentals, Hillside Leverick Bay Villas


Dazzling view, breezy hilltop, flowering tropical gardens and lawn, 3 pavilions and infinity pool

4 br / 4 ba

WIMCO Villas,  Virgin Gorda Vacation rentals MAV OTR, Virgin Gorda, Walk/The Baths Vacation home rentals, Walk/The Baths Villas


Very luxurious, walk to the beach, 3 circular pavilions, unique pool with boulders and lights

4 br / 4 ba

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WIMCO Villas and Hotels, Bitter End Yacht Club, Virgin Gorda Resorts. Book now with WIMCO

Bitter End Yacht Club

Bitter End is an inclusive "rollicking nautical village" located on the northeast extremity of the island of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands.

Virgin Gorda

WIMCO Villas and Hotels, Rosewood Little Dix Bay, Virgin Gorda Resorts. Book now with WIMCO

Rosewood Little Dix Bay

On a perfect crescent beach, this resort has much to offer, spacious and comfortable rooms, beautiful spa, great food, watersports. It is a perfect retreat for those who seek relaxation, peace, seclusion - one will find paradise at Little Dix Bay.

Virgin Gorda

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