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Michael Chisholm

Michael Chisholm

Phone: 401.236.9007

Michael has been a staple in the Wimco air department for 10 years while also booking hotels and villas for clients. Prior to Wimco, Michael spent 3 years in a busy corporate based travel agency and 5 years with Princess Cruises, advising clients on travel in Alaska, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean.

Recent Travel: Grand Cayman; Turks and Caicos; The British Virgin Islands

Interview Questions & Answers

Q: Have you encountered any exotic wildlife while vacationing?

Trip Reports
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Turks and Caicos - To the Turks & Caicos you will go!!
“When I mentioned to my lady I’d be going on a familiarization trip to the TCI (Turks & Caicos Islands) she replied "The who? Where?".” Read More »

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Virgin Islands - The Global Fare of the USVI’s
“During our spring trip to the US Virgin Islands, we spotted the Caribbean, American, European and Asian flare in the clothes people wear, in the architecture and décor of the villas, even in the way people drive. We heard bits of a dozen dialects from around the world in the accents that sing from every corner of the islands. But one of the most delightful ways we were able to tour the world during our island stay was through the delicious meals we shared with each other and with our hosts.” Read More »

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Cayman Islands - Grand Cayman Island: Anatomy of an Island
“If Grand Cayman were your left foot, George Town, the main population center, would be your little toe while West Bay and the village of "Hell" would be your big toe. East Bay, with its expanse of beach and blowholes spouting from coral rock, would be your heel.” Read More »

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