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Just back from St. Barths
You’ve been waiting to hear...what is St. Barths really like after the hurricanes this fall? Just back from their vacations, our clients weigh in on the good, the great, and what they missed.
What Our Clients Are Saying
Who better to hear it from then those who were the first back on the island?
Villa WV BTR, 6br, Pointe Milou
Villa WV BTR, Pointe Milou, 6 BR
"We had a great time, and had no problem adjusting to the post storm situation. The house was great and so was the weather. The island was transforming every day back to its old self, and we were happy to show our support." Paul W., arrived Nov. 15
Villa WV DAN, 3br, Colombier
Villa WV DAN, Colombier, 3 BR
"My wife and I had a wonderful time and, in many ways, it was our best trip yet. With less to do around the island, we actually relaxed and enjoyed the villa even more than usual. Couple this relaxed pace with a swim each day, and we were blissed out!" Jerry S., arrived Dec. 1
Villa WV CNG, 2br, Gouverneur
Villa WV CNG, Gouverneur, 2 BR
"We had some trepidation about our trip, so soon after the hurricane. It was misplaced. The beaches, if anything were nicer than before, I guess because so much effort went into cleaning them. CNG was in excellent condition. Really, the island was still spectacular and we are so happy we did not cancel the trip." Larry B., arrived Dec. 6
Villa WV PAP, 3br, Lurin
Villa WV PAP, Lurin, 3 BR
"The main home is so gracious, with such a fantastic layout. We loved the tortoises, the butterflies, the good hike to Gouverneur, and the proximity to Gustavia especially in these months after the storm. It was a complete and total joy." Nicolette D., arrived Dec. 28
Dinner Options
Hotels have historically been more lunch time destinations, perhaps with the exception of On the Rocks and Le Toiny. You could easily spend 10 days here and not repeat restaurants once. Our Marketing Editor, Heather, also spent the holidays on island and shares her top picks. 

Favorita salad, guanciale pizza, and chilled white wine at relaxed Isoletta... ridiculously addictive dumplings and sake at Orega...party, party, party (and pizza) at Bagatelle...a vegetarian's delight (plus the best view of Gustavia) at newly opened Ociela...swanky vibes and yacht gazing at La Guerite...
What we missed
"I realized how central Maya's is to my experience on the island. I missed running into the families that we see every year there."
Maya's has left a void, yet Tamarin & Isola were good places to run into friends.

"The downside was that a whole side of the island has not reopened so dining choices were more limited, especially at lunch, and we got a little bored of having to drive in to Gustavia for dinner most nights."
It's true - without Guanahani, Le Toiny, Sereno and Le Barthelemy, the far side of the island has fewer options. If you like going out for dinner every night and tire of the drive, try a villa in Lurin, Gouverneur or Colombier. Lorient & Camaruche are also very close to Saline.

"Although getting to and from SBH was one of the more herculean efforts we have had to make in travel, we had a really great time in St. Barths." 
With limited options for overnights in San Juan, getting to St. Barths is potentially trickier this year. We welcome you to counsel with our Air Desk on the best routes for your trip. If you're coming from the west coast, an overnight in Miami is a great way to break things up.
St. Barths Update - Part II
Look for reviews of lunch restaurants, more highlights from clients, and a trip report from our Marketing Editor...plus what's on the calendar to re-open next.