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After a busy spring with family vacations and spring regattas, we thought we’d share the latest news on the island from both clients and Villa Specialists. Stay tuned for part 2, where we’ll share all the new restaurant openings!
What Our Clients are Saying
Who better to hear it from then those who spent their spring vacations in St. Barths?
Villa WV BTR, 6br, Pointe Milou
Villa WV BTR, 6BR, Pointe Milou
“We had a spectacular time! Weather was perfect. Island looks pretty despite construction. The people/vendors were exceedingly friendly and generous. LESS CROWDED and LESS TRAFFIC and MORE PARKING!!! We have never been down in April, so a happy surprise.” Lisa A., arrived April 18th

Villa WV BBA, 3br, St. Jean
Villa WV BBA, 3BR, St. Jean
"Well, we had glorious weather and felt like a local. As our pal Charles Darden said on many occasions, St. Barters are excellent builders. We discovered all the pop-up beach clubs - our go-to was La Plage. The beach there actually benefited from Irma." 
John C., arrived March 3rd

Villa WV DIA, 2br, St. Jean
Villa WV DIA, 2BR, St. Jean
"We had a great time down on SBH and thank you for your continued expert guidance. We thought the villa was beautiful with an unbeatable view. It is beautifully designed and decorated and the service was outstanding. It was fun to be on the island for the Bucket; we chartered a catamaran and had the best seats in the house!"
John H., arrived March 10th

Villa WV BBS, 3br, St. Jean
Villa WV BBS, 3BR, St. Jean
"We had THE most amazing trip. The villa has never looked better and the island...I love it with fewer visitors. It truly felt like old St. Barths. We're already making plans for another trip."
Tanya S., arrived March 16th

Villa WV OUS, 3br, Lurin
Villa WV OUS, 3BR, Lurin
"The house and grounds of OUS are in great shape. It is amazing how well the property stood up and/or has been brought back to its current condition. From a tourist perspective, it is quite remarkable how well St. Barth has recovered. Beaches were in great shape and relatively empty. We shared much of Saline with more goats than people one morning." 
Susan C., arrived March 10th

Villa WV ABE, 3br, St. Jean
Villa WV ABE, 3BR, St. Jean
"We loved the villa!!! The view, the pool, breakfast delivered. The island was exactly as you described - much recovered. Over the years I have learned to completely trust your judgment and taste. You have never steered me wrong." 
Mimi F., arrived April 14th
Travel Truths
Notes from Your Villa Specialist
"It's true! St. Barths has made an incredible recovery since that dastardly storm slammed the island in early September. Of course there are still signs everywhere of the strength of the wind and water, but what is amazing is that if you weren't looking for it - you might just think that there is road construction and a lot of building going on."  READ MORE FROM GLENNIE >
A Glimpse of Nature
Thanks to client Jeff R, aka @blizzardgeek for sharing these wonderful photos!
A Glimpse of Nature
A Glimpse of Nature