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Just Back from St. Barths
Longtime Villa Specialists Glennie and Bethany just returned from a trip to St. Barths. On the agenda? Scoping villas, assessing what's new, and sampling a bit of the cuisine...

Glennie & Bethany
WIMCO Villa Specialist Glenn
WIMCO Villa Specialist Bethany

Great Villas for Value
Value is in the eyes of the beholder. What's paramount to WIMCO Villa Specialists is: how much space is there, privacy, and what are the views?
Villa WV CAR, 2br, Camaruche
Villa WV CAR, 2BR, Camaruche

"Another house which has gotten even better is CAR. It's been renovated, yet retains a lot of its charm. With incredible views, a large pool and a reasonable price, it's an excellent two bedroom." - Glennie

CAR has a sister property next door, TOR, that can be rented on its own as a one bedroom, or combined to give this property 3 bedrooms - ideal for grown families seeking a bit of privacy but a sense of togetherness.
Villa WV ABB, 3br, Vitet
Villa WV ABB, 3BR, Vitet

"With the newly expanded deck, living room and dining room, plus those views over Grand Cul de Sac, this is a perfect spot for three couples seeking quiet breezes, and space all with a moderate high-season rate." - Glennie

Villa WV APE, 2br, St. Jean
Villa WV APE, 2BR, St. Jean

"This newly added villa in St. Jean is a little gem! Immaculate, light and bright, and well-appointed. One of the two equal bedrooms is off the living room, while the second bedroom is off the terrace. Great option for those seeking a central location, all day sun, and good value." - Bethany


Beachfront Villas with Wow Factor
While St. Barths is special any time of the year, certain villas are perfectly poised for family celebrations, wedding parties, or holiday vacations...especially if they're on the beach.
Villa WV VLP, 7br, Lorient Beach
Villa WV VLP, 7BR, Lorient Beach

"After extensive renovations post-Irma, villa VLP on Lorient Beach looked fabulous. There are screens everywhere to let in the breeze in, beautiful grounds, and mature palm trees. That combined with the sound of the surf makes this villa a miniature resort." - Bethany

Need even more bedrooms? VLP has a sister property next door, VSC, that can be rented on its own or combined to give this property 10 bedrooms.
Villa WV WAK, 6br, Flamands Beach
Villa WV WAK, 6BR, Flamands Beach

"The lower bedroom featuring a jacuzzi and a direct walk out onto the beach is quite special, as is the master on the upper level with a spacious tub overlooking Flamands. With a fitness room, cinema, and (adorable) butler on hand, it's almost like being in your own hotel." Glennie


Villa WAK is part of WIMCO's Special Reserve Collection, which means a private chef is included in your stay.

Perennial Favorites
As Glennie said, "As we drove around and discussed villas that we visited, our question to each other was 'which are your favorites?' Not which are the grandest, but rather, ones that truly are the perfect SBH house!"
Villa WV MOZ, 4br, Pointe Milou
Villa WV MOZ, 4BR, Pointe Milou

"After undergoing extensive renovations after Irma, it was such a treat to finally see MOZ in person. It looks crisp and clean, and feels as if you're truly entering a home instead of a vacation property. The views simply captivate you and make it hard to ever leave." - Bethany

Villa WV JAY, 3br, Mont Jean
Villa WV JAY, 3BR, Mont Jean

"Villa JAY becomes more special each time. If it's ever available for your dates, I strongly encourage you to book it!" - Glennie

Villa WV ECO, 4br, Gouverneur
Villa WV ECO, 4BR, Gouverneur

"In the frequently played game, 'If you could stay in any villa on the island, which one would you choose?', Villa ECO, as well as its sister villas EGO and ECG are top contenders.  The villas have matured beautifully and are even more elegant than when they were newly built.  The views from both are stunning, yet very different from one another, and the grounds are immaculately maintained." - Bethany

Villas ECO, ECG and EGO are located in a gated cul de sac. While they can each be rented individually, renting all three in conjunction is an incredible way for extended family or large groups of friends to each have their own space while congregating together easily.

Gustavia Harbor, St. Barths
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