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Virgin Islands: Part 2, Exploring the Private Islands
Looking for that old-time Caribbean experience, without losing the level of service and comfort you've come to expect? The private island collection is the next step. Ben and Ford from the WIMCO team adventured around seven private islands–from Necker to Eustastia–in the British Virgin Islands. Learn more about these dazzling spots. 
Private Islands
WIMCO Villas Specialist Ben W.

WIMCO Villa Specialist Ford B.

Villa VIJ PEN, 1br, Oil Nut Bay/Virgin Gorda
Villa VIJ PEN, 1BR, Oil Nut Bay/Virgin Gorda
"The style, service, and privacy of Oil Nut Bay is what you expect from a private island tour of the BVIs, and what St. Barths' Wimco clients might be drawn to. There is a casual elegance in Oil Nut Bay with tasteful décor in all the properties we visited, which ranged from the one-bedroom penthouse suite, to the six-bedroom beach house. We spent the afternoon stand-up paddling, snorkeling, and having a great fish taco lunch."
- Ben W., Villa Specialist

Villa TOR MAR, 3br, Scrub Island
Villa TOR MAR, 3BR, Scrub Island
"Villa TOR MAR overlooks the marina and was my favorite out of the villas we visited. The island is home to a large fleet of catamarans and monohulls that can be chartered to explore the surrounding islands, beaches and cays. The island feels very lively, with staff driving guests around on golf carts. Plus, there's an offshore sailing school for lessons, as well as a full-service dive shop with both instructional diving courses and an advanced diver program. We dined at the resort's tiki torch-lit pig roast that night, chatting with others and hearing that so much of the appeal of Scrub Island is the ease of day trips to neighboring spots."  
- Ford B., Marketing

Necker Island, Virgin Gorda
Villa NEC GRH, 11BR, Necker Island/Virgin Gorda
"When I think about a private island in The Caribbean, the first to come to mind is Necker.  We started our tour in the Great House which houses most of the bedrooms including one of the most impressive Master Bedrooms I have seen anywhere. Necker lived up to my expectations, and they seem to have perfected the idea of barefoot luxury. Much of the 74 acres had utility, whether it be homes for their lemurs, flamingos, or specially designed wind turbines that fold down when a storm is coming. The island can only be rented as the entire island, but there are 12 specific weeks throughout the year called celebration weeks where you are able to book individual rooms like a resort." 
- Ben W., Villa Specialist

Villa TOR NBV, 1br, Guana Island
Villa TOR NBV, 1BR, Guana Island
"Located just off the coast of Tortola, Guana Island boasts seven white sand beaches and 850 acres of Caribbean tropical forest. Ninety percent of the island is undeveloped and it truly feels like an untouched piece of paradise. Those who love the outdoors will enjoy over 12 miles of hiking trails, and plenty of outdoor activities. Moreover, the staff at Guana Island are very proud of their environmentally conscious outlook. They gather much of the produce used in the island's restaurant at their orchard, which has fresh fruits and vegetables as well as their own chickens! The island also has its own water filtration system and multiple green houses."  
- Ford B., Marketing

Villa EUS TBC, Eustatia
Villa EUS TBC, Eustatia Island
"Last but not least was a visit to Eustatia.  This was an island that I really had no idea what to expect as we pulled up to the dock.  It had been a very long day, but the energy and excitement of our hosts was contagious. The island's main goal is to make a difference through sustainability, and it’s evident in so many features of the island: from Baby Beach, one of the most idyllic beaches we saw on the trip, to the Tesla Batteries that power the place, to the 10k gallons of fresh water they produce a day. Not to mention, there's an orchard that produces the fruit and vegetables, top of the line sports equipment, and daily surf trips throughout the BVIs. The four guest houses on the island can accommodate up to sixteen guests." 
- Ben W., Villa Specialist
Zipping Around the Private Islands of the BVIs!
Ben and Ford share their itinerary and how to navigate the private islands of the Virgins.
Ben's BVI Hop
1. "Traveling to Scrub Island appears more complicated then it actually is: Ford and I arrived in San Juan, caught the 45 minute flight to Tortola, and were met by a driver holding a Scrub Island sign. The complimentary ferry (just two minutes from the airport) leaves every hour."

2. "Our first full day in the BVIs started with a private boat charter from Scrub Island to Oil Nut Bay.  This trip took about 30 minutes and it was pouring rain for about half of it. This really didn’t matter to us - we had a sweet boat and were excited to keep the adventure going!"

3. "From Oil Nut Bay, it was about a 40 minute boat ride over to Guana Island. The main beach where the dock is located was one of the best we saw on the entire trip."

4. "When I think about a private island in The Caribbean, the first to come to mind is Necker Island. At a pretty good clip, it took about 45 minutes via boat from Guana to Necker."

5. "Just a few minutes boat ride from Necker Island is Sir Richard Branson’s latest edition to his collection: Moskito Island. Three times larger than Necker, Moskito Island will have capacity to host 44 guests when it is finished later this year."

6. "Last but not least was Eustatia Island. A 35-acre island in the North Sound area of the BVI with beautiful white sand beaches, unique and inviting villas and a focus on self-sustainability."
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