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St Barths, also known as St Barts or St Barthelemy, is an idyllic island, long treasured for its unspoiled beaches, charming waterfront villages and vibrant French culture. It is also a safe and peaceful island where the value of real estate has steadily appreciated over time.

We invite you to browse our selection of properties for sale on St Barths. If you are interested in purchasing property on St Barths, the Real Estate consultants in our office in the U.S. and St Barths can give you an overview of the market, suggest properties that meet your criteria, organize villa tours, and guide you through the process of owning your own piece of paradise. Meet our team.

Want to learn more about real estate sales on St Barths? Here is what Doug Foregger, WIMCO's Director of International Real Estate has to say about the state of the market. "This season we have seen some of the best weather that I can remember in the last 30 years, and the real estate market has followed suit. The unique appeal of the island endures and even grows...".
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Vacation Home or Investment?

As the leading villa rental company on St Barths, WIMCO can provide you with the rental revenue history for any property, and can advise you after the sale on how best to position your new villa to generate income to offset the cost of ownership. Contact us for a complete listing of villas for sale, or drop by our office in St Jean.

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St Barts Real Estate: Frequently Asked Questions

Are villas and land for sale in St Barts priced in dollars or in euros?

All properties, whether they are villas, apartments, hotels, commercial space or undeveloped land are priced in EUROS. As St Barts is a French overseas territory, and France is part of the EU whose official currency is the EURO.

Are there any development restrictions on St Barts?

Yes, the Collectivite de St Barth (the local government) has strict regulations governing new construction and the buildable space within any property. There are also height restrictions on new construction and renovation. These regulations are updated periodically, and can be found in the Carte d'urbanisme for St Barthelemy. It was most recently updated on February 24, 2017. The net effect is that only a small number of new villas are built in any one year.

Has real estate in St Barts held its value over time?

The short answer is "yes". The value of private villas in St Barts has increased over time due to the popularity of the island, the limited number of private villas available to buy, and the restrictions on new construction and development. Ask your WIMCO St Barts real estate broker for information on sales price trends for specific villas and/ or areas of the island.

Do you have any waterfront properties or villas for sale on the beach?

There are a few waterfront or beach properties for sale each year. They are always priced at a premium because there are so few properties on the waterfront or beach, and because there are restrictions on new construction and development on property on the waterfront or beach.

How many property listings do you normally have?

WIMCOsbh real estate normally have between 30 and 60 properties listed for sale at the start of the season. These consist of private villas, apartments, undeveloped land, and commercial space and buildings.

Do you have any private / pocket listings that are not on the website?

Yes, some property owners do not wish to have their villas or land publically displayed. We will mention these private / pocket listings to a client if there is a match between what the client is looking for, and what we have as a private / pocket listing.

How long does it take to close a sale in St Barths?

The process of buying property in St Barts is very professionally organized and transparent. When a client is interested in a property, they instruct their real estate broker to submit a bid to the seller. If the price offered is accepted, then both parties negotiate on a date for the signing of a purchase and sales agreement (called the "Compromis" in French). This can happen as soon as 30 days if there are no issues or conditions with the offer or the property. A government official called a “Notaire” administers the paperwork and scheduling for both the buyer and the seller. A 10% deposit is due at the signing of the compromise, and this down payment is non-refundable. After the deposit is received, there is a 60-90 day period where the transaction is processed for review and approval by the local authorities. Then the final payment is due and the transaction is complete. For a full description of the process, please read our article on how to buy properties on St Barts

Are there any fees associated with the purchase of property on St Barths?

Yes, the buyer is responsible for paying the 5% transfer tax, and the Notary's fees.

Are there any property taxes on land in St Barth?

As of January 1, 2020 there are no annual property taxes on land owned in St Barths.

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