WIMCO St Barts Real Estate Brokers

Interested in learning about the St Barths real estate market? Ready to tour some properties for sale? WIMCO's experienced real estate team stands ready to explain the unique characteristics of this desirable island, and then guide you through every step of the process of buying villas, commercial property or developable land on St Barths.

You'll find our real estate sales office conveniently located across the street from the airport. You can reach us at realestate@wimco.com or 590-590-51-07-51

Meet the WIMCO SBH Real Estate Brokers

Lionel Garaix - Sales Director, WIMCO SBH Real Estate

WIMCO St Barths Real Estate Broker, Lionel Garaix

Lionel brings 30 years of experience in both real estate sales and property development. After graduating from University of Law in France with a Master's degree in Business Law, he learned his trade as an independent real estate agent in Nice, France. Lionel was then hired by Foncia Group, the largest real estate agency in France, and held a variety of increasingly important positions in their Nice, France office, including Director of the Real Estate Sales department.

Lionel was then hired by the Constructa Group to act as their Regional Sales Director (Côte d'Azur / French Riviera region - Menton to St Tropez). There, he was responsible for marketing new luxury real estate projects. Lionel Also was responsible for management and training of the real estate sales team.

In 2015, Lionel moved to St Barths and was hired by WIMCO St Barths to act as President of the company and director of the Real Estate Sales department. Lionel is the lead real estate broker for French speaking clients.

Douglas Foregger - WIMCO Director of International Real Estate, Real Estate Broker on St Barts

WIMCO St Barths Real Estate Broker, Doug Foregger

Doug has over 30 years of experience in real estate sales in the US, Caribbean and Europe, and has a passion for helping clients find the ideal home in some of the world's most desirable vacation enclaves. In St Barts, Doug is the lead real estate broker at WIMCO SBH Real Estate for English speaking clients.

As director of WIMCO International Real Estate, he is based on St. Barts, yet also spends time in Newport RI, Stowe VT and Nantucket island. Recognized as one of the leading brokers for luxury real estate on St Barths, Doug Foregger has been quoted about St Barts real estate in The Boston Globe, New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. Doug is also the co-founder of Help St Barth, a non-profit that provides assistance to low income residents.

Vacation Home or Real Estate Investment?

WIMCO St Barths Real Estate is uniquely qualified to advise you on the St Barts real estate market as it is associated with WIMCO Villas, the leading villa rental company on St Barts.

WIMCO's real estate brokers can provide you with the rental revenue history for any property, and can advise you after the sale on how best to position your new villa to generate income to offset the cost of ownership. Contact us for information, or browse all real estate listings.

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