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Best of Europe

Best of Europe

Most Romantic Villas

Top 5 Family Villas

  1. HII POL, Umbria, Italy
  2. SAL VAL, Tuscany, Italy
  3. CEN CHA, Provence, France
  4. ACV UNI, St.Tropez & The Var, France
  5. LIV AGI, Mykonos, Greece

Top 5 Historic Villas

  1. BRV GIN, Tuscany, Italy
  2. BRV MAC, Tuscany/Florence, Italy
  3. AZR 078, Cote D’Azur, France
  4. CEN RET, Provence-Luberon Area, France
  5. LIV SOP, Santorini, Greece

Villas with Kitchen Gardens

Top 5 European Summer Destinations

  1. French Riviera, France
  2. Tuscany, Italy
  3. Mykonos, Greece
  4. Amalfi Coast, Italy
  5. Provence, France

Top 5 Summer Villas in Europe

  1. BRV POD in Tuscany
  2. LIV ILO in Santorini
  3. CEN RET in Provence
  4. HII LIL on Amalfi Coast
  5. AZR 206 in Cote D'Azur

Top 5 New Villas in Europe (as of 1/23/2008)

  1. LIV SP5 in Mykonos
  2. CEN CRE in Provence
  3. BRV VIG in Tuscany
  4. CEN PIN in Provence
  5. BRV DOR in Amalfi Coast

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Europe this Autumn

  1. Summer crowds leave, giving way to a slower pace of life.
  2. Expect airfare and villa prices to be 20% lower than in summer
  3. Enjoy the perfect Fall temperatures
  4. Harvest season brings the freshest bounty to your table
  5. Finally see David without waiting in line for hours

Top Italian Summer Villas For:

  1. Golf: HII BEL near the Castelfafi Golf Club
  2. Families: BRV IMP is walking distance to the local village
  3. Beach: The public beach is only 12 steps down from BRV ALT
  4. Cooking: A professional kitchen at BRV POD for in-villa culinary classes
  5. Wine tasting: Enjoy in-villa wine tastings in Montalcino's BRV POG

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Italy

  1. Il Palio horse race through the streets of Siena in July
  2. Summer concert series in Capri
  3. Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia in July
  4. Puccini Opera Festival in Lucca in June
  5. 10 day arts festival in Todi in August

Most Intriguing European Villas

  1. No need for a tee time. This Tuscan estate has its own 18-hole golf course. BRV MNA
  2. A room with a view! This Mykonos villa offers an underwater view of the pool. LIV LEM
  3. This Cliffside villa in France boasts a grotto-like pool built into the cliff. AZR 217
  4. A gracious staff attends to your every need at this 12br historic Italian lodge. CSL BOR

European Summer Vacation Ideas

  1. Plan a family reunion on a Tuscan estate. BRV SAS
  2. Share the starry Mykonos nights with your oldest friends. LIV ILO
  3. Bike Umbria with your family from your base in a historic farmhouse villa. HII ARC
  4. Experience the famous Cannes Film Festival while staying in a seaside retreat. AZR 285

Top 5 reasons to go to Mykonos

  1. The Beaches
  2. The Restaurants!
  3. The People!
  4. The History!
  5. Because it's the St Barts of the Mediterranean, chic yet relaxed
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