A Few Wonderful Things to Say About Emeraude Plage


Emeraude PlageMany of the villas and hotels on St. Barths hold a special place in clients’ hearts. Year after year, clients choose to stay at the same hotel or villa because of the staff, the views, the service, and any number of other reasons. Upon returning from the island, clients love to talk about what makes their special place so exceptionally wonderful. Here are some of WIMCO’s favorite comments about the beautiful hotel Emeraude Plage.

“Emeraude Plage definitely exceeded our expectations.  In fact, I think it is the first time that internet photos actually undersold the property as opposed to creating a false sense of luxury. It was gorgeous, and the ocean front room was just breathtaking. The staff could not have been more friendly.” – D.D.

“Emeraude Plage was wonderful. We love that it was so small and so close to the water. I would absolutely recommend the hotel to anyone interested in going to St. Barths.” – J.R.

“Emeraude Plage was the perfect spot.” – L.S.

“We are totally hooked on Emeraude Plage.”  – L.B.