A Second Honeymoon: Re-Experience that First Trip as Husband and Wife

A second honeymoon is the perfect way to enjoy the simplicity of togetherness
A second honeymoon is the perfect way to enjoy the simplicity of togetherness

Whether you’re celebrating your first year together or your 40th, a second (or third) honeymoon is a magical way to re-experience that first trip you took as a married couple. Enjoy a private vacation for two with cocktails by the pool or take the kids along for a fun-filled family adventure of snorkeling with stingrays. With vacation destinations from the Tuscan countryside to the cottages of Nantucket to the white sands of the Caribbean, isn’t it time you relive that first trip you took together?

Barbara and her husband enjoyed a second honeymoon on Nevis, an unspoiled island in the Caribbean.

“When it came time for my husband and me to pick our next vacation destination, I knew Nevis would be a perfect fit for us. With no kids to entertain and no interest in shopping, the tranquility, quiet and beauty of Nevis seemed very attractive for just reading, relaxing and enjoying great food.

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club

The island was just what we were looking for. The peace and the tranquility are absolute. We heard every bird and monkey and goat, but nothing else except the flute playing from somewhere near by. You can hear the rain, the wind and the bees; there is nothing to disturb you.

For those that need that down time to rejuvenate, this is your island. My husband completed five novels to my two. We mostly went out for a late lunch and dined in the villa. We moved according to our own rhythm – where else on earth can you do that?”

WIMCO Villa KL VER, Nevis
Villa KL VER: The perfect setting for your second honeymoon.

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