A Villa with a Variety of Views

WIMCO Villa Vue Panoramique, St. Barths
Vue Panoramique

Beyond lush green gardens and past the hillsides of St. Barths, the gleaming ocean stretches toward the horizon. From Vue Panoramique, you watch the deep blue water undulate under the beaming Caribbean sun. With magnificent views, St. Barths’ Vue Panoramique offers a dazzling show throughout the day.

Located in Mont Jean, Vue Panoramique is a fabulous, new St. Barths villa with beautiful panoramic Pointe Milou ocean views. The master bedroom features glass windows and doors on three-sides, offering a variety of stunning vistas. The spacious, sun-soaked terrace is perfect for lounging around, enjoying the beautiful weather on St. Barths. The villa’s second well-appointed bedroom is located on the opposite side of the home, providing privacy, making Vue Panoramique perfect for couples traveling together.

Sink into the plush, overstuffed sofas after a long day at play on St. Barths. Comfortable and inviting, Vue Panoramique mixes beautiful luxury design with absolute comfort. Prepare exquisite meals in the villa’s wonderfully appointed kitchen or enjoy the fabulous dining on St. Barths.

As a new day begins on St. Barths, wake up in the exquisite comfort of Vue Panoramique and rejoice in the beauty of the casually chic Caribbean island of St. Barths.