Anguilla’s RIC PAR- There’s a Reason They Call this Villa Paradise

Villa Paradise more than earns its name. With magnificent views, its own private snorkeling beach, and plenty of room for everyone in your party, Villa RIC PAR is an Anguilla treasure. A long-time client and fan of Anguilla, J.O. recounts his favorite things about the villa, the island, and his Caribbean family vacation. J.O.'s "simply grand" family vacation on Anguilla is complete with fresh-caught lobster, snorkeling Shoal Bay East, and lots of smiles with the grandkids.

"While we have been to Anguilla a dozen times, we were absolutely amazed by Villa Paradise; it was simply awesome, better than the pictures on the website, and beyond belief. Villa Paradise was even better than our hopes, simply grand – from the arrival through the whole week.

WIMCO Villa Paradise, Anguilla

The villa staff was amazing. Myrna and Vanetta were super and we all miss their breakfast. Earl was a great resource, he took two of the boys out with him to catch lobsters in his secret spots one morning, got us fish from a friend another day, and then got more lobsters for our last night; eating with the family all together with those three great feasts was a special treat. Villa Paradise was clean, spotless, extremely well taken care of and provisioned, and a real bargain compared to trying to get a family together at a resort – it was the best.

As to Anguilla, which has been our favorite destination for 10+ years- it still is. I think our kids have now got a taste and appreciation for that most delightful and friendly island, with the best beaches anywhere. It's a toss up between floating at Rendezvous Bay and snorkeling at Shoal Bay East. Hopefully Anguilla stays as it is.

It was a great villa on our favorite island in the sun and we hope we can return some time again." -J.O.

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