Anguilla’s Villa RIC ALC is the Only Place You’ll Want to Be

The refreshing Caribbean trade winds whisk up to greet you as you step out from under the pergola and into the soft glow of sunset. You look out to the sweeping view of the Caribbean as it stretches across the horizon, and wonder how you’re ever going to be able to go home after staying at Anguilla’s Villa RIC ALC.

Feel at home in Anguilla’s Villa RIC ALC.

Located seaside in Seafeathers Bay, Villa RIC ALC is only five minutes from the beautiful Sandy Hill Beach. Its unique location allows for magnificent views of both the sunrise and sunset, and of every time in between. Adorned in a Mediterranean-meets-Caribbean style with dark woods and gold accents, this five-bedroom villa is ideal for families traveling together. Complete with a staff including concierge, maid, pool service and gardener, as well as a complimentary car rental, everything at Villa RIC ALC has been well thought out to ensure your Anguilla vacation is hassle-free.

From sunrise to sunset, the splendor of Villa RIC ALC will leave you wanting to stay in Anguilla forever. Find out more about Villa RIC ALC and the amazing island of Anguilla at WIMCO.