Chiara Comolli – St Barths Oct 28 – Nov 7, 2019

Chiara Comolli – St Barths Oct 28 – Nov 7, 2019

To say I was excited to return to St. Barth would be an understatement. My trip back in June was a whirlwind (in the best way you can imagine!).

We took the 1:15 flight and arrived in SBH at 2:20. MY colleagues Bethany and Charlotte were at the airport to greet Kristen, Thibault and me. Thibault went to the office to start working and Kristen and I joined Bethany and Charlotte on their remaining villa inspections. It was really nice returning to BBA. There is something special about the classic casualness of the villa. We went to see  DIA where Bethany and Thibault were staying. This is a great 2 bedroom with equal bedrooms in St. Jean. The owner was waiting for his new pool heater and grand piano to arrive from SXM so these are new updates to the villa.

Kristen and I joined Charlotte in MOZ. I was so excited to finally see this villa! This villa is so special. It was so relaxing sitting outside in the indoor outdoor space off the kitchen listening to the wave’s crash. Charlotte and I even enjoyed a night swim one of the nights we stayed in.

Chiara Comolli – St Barths Oct 28 – Nov 7, 2019
Villa JAB

I was really excited to visit JAB in Petite Saline because Kate has clients staying there in February. They’re still putting the final touches on the villa but you can easily see how magnificent it will be. It was easy to imagine having a chef dinner at the villa. There is more than enough seating options both indoor and outdoor for clients. I really loved this villa.

The following day we visited ABB in Vitet. The bedrooms are much more spacious than our pictures depict. I personally like Vitet. I think that a lot of clients are turned off by Vitet because they think it is further from Gustavia and St. Jean, but it’s not further than Pointe Milou is; it’s just located more inland. I love how quiet and peaceful Vitet is. We left Vitet and went to see CSK in Camaruche. It was definitely helpful to see this 5 bedroom because of the layout. I was surprised how private it felt considering its location. The wine cellar was spectacular. From Camaruche we headed to Lurin. I absolutely loved VIT. I am a sun worshiper so the outdoor space here was a dream come true. I love that it has access to Shell beach through the steep walkway.

AHA is so spacious for a 3 bedroom. It was nice to have the different views from the bedrooms. The master bedroom and main living area has views of Pointe Milou while the separated guest bedrooms have a hillside view. The outdoor covered dining space looks idyllic for a dinner party. Next was PAR which I loved! The exterior is now completely white with beautiful blue doorways. The layout is great for a group of couples because it so spread out. I have a real weak spot for La Canche stoves, so the kitchen had me at hello. We also saw EPR in Mont Jean. This 13 bedroom speaks for itself. It is truly a master piece.

Chiara Comolli – St Barths Oct 28 – Nov 7, 2019
Villa PAR

We  then moved from MOZ to DOL. WV DOL has so much charm, and the stone detailing is beautiful. There is plenty of shaded and un-shaded outdoor seating by the lap pool.

Chiara Comolli – St Barths Oct 28 – Nov 7, 2019
Villa KDY

I was really impressed with KDY in Marigot. You can’t beat the pricing of this villa. I think this is a great two bedroom option. The master is located upstairs and has a spacious sitting area There is a lot of living space both inside and outside for 2 bedrooms.  The South American style architecture makes this villa unique.

Another favorite of mine was KRL. The pool tiling has been completely replaced and it transforms the outdoor area. The décor in this villa is very high quality. We were fortunate enough to meet the owner so it was a really special tour. She told us stories about furniture pieces she and her husband had found and flown home. All the linens are custom made. They are in the process of moving the driveway so that it is above the villa instead of under the pool. The villa will look really great once this is completed and the phone lines are put underground (this December). The owner does a wonderful job maintaining the gardens and is currently in the process of planting some rose bushes. This is another great deal for the price!

I really enjoyed touring JOC. This 3 bedroom is soon to be a 4 bedroom. The pavilion that is currently used for massages or yoga will be completed within the next 6 months. The kitchen is a foodie lovers dream. They have a La Cornue stove and fully stocked kitchen featuring only the most high end appliances.

Chiara Comolli – St Barths Oct 28 – Nov 7, 2019
Villa JOC

We were lucky enough to see ALB. This is the perfect location for beach lovers.  The new pool is great. Located directly next to Cheval Blanc, this 2 bedroom is simply decorated. This villa is perfect for the client that doesn’t want the frills and solely cares about being directly on Flamands Beach.

Now for the best part…our meals! We really enjoyed our lunch at Fish Corner and Hotel Christopher. The pizza from L’isoletta did not disappoint. We had lunch at Pearl Beach twice. For dinner we were really spoiled. We enjoyed a great casual dinner at L’Entracte. We also had a wonderful dinner at Orega. The owner ordered for us and everything was delicious. We went to Tamarin for dinner and our opening party. The staff did such a wonderful job at the party. Our team dinner at Maya’s was delicious and fun. I was so happy to finally go! It was great to meet the new concierges and WSBH real estate team.

Chiara Comolli – St Barths Oct 28 – Nov 7, 2019
Lunch at Hotel Christopher

We were really lucky on our day off to be invited on a sunset cruise with St. Barth Sailor. The owner, Miguel brought us to Colombier for a night swim after we enjoyed the gorgeous sunset. I would without a doubt recommend this. The catamaran is beautiful and the staff is great!

Chiara Comolli – St Barths Oct 28 – Nov 7, 2019
Sunset Cruise

Our trip flew by and I was sad to leave. I woke up early on our last day to watch the sunrise at WV DOL. A big thank you to everyone that made this trip such a memorable one! I’ll be dreaming of SBH until next time!