Chic and Stylish New Villa on St. Barths

The hills of St. Barths roll toward the sea, dipping down to the sand before meeting the clear blue water. As you soak in the relaxing bubbles of the Jacuzzi and the warm water soothes you into a state of grace, you look out beyond the hills and watch the sunset as is gently descends to meet the horizon as another perfect Caribbean day gives way to the soft navy of night. From Villa WV VLC, the magic of St. Barths surrounds you.

This new, three-bedroom villa set hillside in Lurin catches the gentle trade winds throughout the day, and offers glorious views over the hillside to the ocean. Chic and modern, Villa WV VLC is decorated in white accented with bright splashes of bold color throughout, giving the home an inviting, fun, and warm atmosphere. Perfect for families with teenagers or couples traveling together, Villa WV VLC’s three bedrooms all open to the terrace, offering magnificent ocean views.

WIMCO Villa WV VLC, St. Barths
Villa WV VLC

This St. Barths rental also comes with a Suzuki Jimny from Europcar Rental Car, ensuring there is one less thing you have to worry about during your stay on St. Barths. Stylish and comfortable, Villa WV VLC’s splendid views and sleek design make it the perfect villa for a winter St. Barths retreat.