Costumes and Masks, Caribbean-Style


As October turns the air cool and the costumes and masks come out for Halloween, it may be time to start planning for different costume-and-mask celebration. Every spring, the Caribbean joins in one of the greatest celebrations in the world- Carnival. The sound of music floats on the trade winds as the clear blue Caribbean Sea shimmers in the backdrop. The party atmosphere rings from every corner of the island, and the joy in the air is practically tangible. Bright smiles, cold drinks, and lots of dancing, Carnival across the Caribbean is an experience unlike any other.

Many of the islands join the celebration, including St. Barths and St. Martin. Parades take to the streets as bands play music throughout the day, and the parties last well into the nighttime. The smell of Caribbean food wafts through the air, tantalizing your taste buds as vendors sell conch and other Caribbean island specialties. As spectacularly costumed dancers move to the calypso beats, everyone gets swept up in the celebratory atmosphere.

During Carnival, everyone is invited to join in the party. Locals and visitors come together and celebrate. So as you fill the candy bowls for Halloween, maybe it’s time to start thinking about filling your suitcase for Caribbean Carnival.