Dancing in the Streets: Carnaval on St. Barths

Dancing in the Streets: Carnaval on St. Barths

Costumed dancers take to the streets of Gustavia and the sound of music can be heard from every corner of St Barts’ capital city. Children and adults dressed in costumes fill the streets, reminiscent of Halloween. Dancers move to the choreographed beats as you feel yourself swaying to the rhythm. Celebration surrounds you and you let yourself get caught up in the moment. Welcome to Carnaval on St. Barths.

Known for its spectacular party atmosphere, especially during the holidays and New Year, St Barths pulls out all the stops for Carnaval. The celebration begins on March 4th with a sweet children’s parade. The main parades take place on March 8 & 9, Mardi Gras and  Mercredi des Cendres. On Mardis Gras, brightly costumed revelers dance in the streets, spreading the celebratory cheer throughout Gustavia. On Mercredi des Cendres, partiers trade in their colorful garbs for black and white costumes. The spirit of Carnaval, Vaval, is taken in a procession to Shell Beach and burned, signifying his banishment for the year.

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Wherever you stay, join the party and celebrate on St. Barths!