Escape to Saba

Escape to Saba
Recollect, unwind, and discover complete tranquility on the hillsides of Saba.

The steep mountains and hillsides of Saba rise out of the ocean, a speck of emerald dropped in the deep blue water. A rainbow of tropical flora splashes against the deep greens and rich browns of the rainforest. As you hike the trails, the rich smell of earth rises from the ground with each foot fall. As you trek further, you see the crystal water of the ocean as the thick greenery gives way to the coast, and in that moment you realize Saba is a place unlike any other.

The smallest island of the Dutch Antilles, Saba’s allure rests in its unparalleled tranquility, exquisite scuba diving, and lush tropical rainforest. Dubbed the “Unspoiled Queen,” Saba’s untamed beauty is exceptional. For those who want nothing more than to delight in peace and solitude, Saba is the ideal destination. Artists often take refuge in the island, and draw their inspiration from its serene hillsides. A notable feature of this little island is that there are absolutely no mosquitoes, so you can enjoy the grace of complete peace.

If you choose to take a break from your solitude, Saba offers a small variety pubs and restaurants, and features quaint boutique shops selling hand-blown glass, intricate Saba lace, and more. Visit the island in December and take part in the festivities of Saba Days “Mini Winter Carnival,” a weekend of festivities featuring barbeques, steel bands, dance contests, and sporting events.

Let the tranquility of Saba wash over you and discover all this hidden island gem has to offer.