Glennie’s St. Barths Trip Report: March, 2018

Glenn Ormiston Trip Report: March 2018

Its true! St. Barths has made an incredible recovery since that dastardly storm slammed the island in early September. Of course there are still signs everywhere of the strength of the wind and water, but what is amazing is that if you werent looking for it – you might just think that there is road construction and a lot of building going on.

Glennie’s St. Barths Trip Report: March, 2018

I have been amazed at the lack of traffic, but perhaps we have just been fortunate. The amount of people in Marche U yesterday after church was daunting and the only empty shelves were butter, yogurt, and small prepared items, but I was assured that new products are arriving daily. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

We spent the first two nights in REF – the view in the morning waking up is like being on a ship.
We then moved into MOZ and its like coming home. It will be under construction this summer with a new pool and renovation of many of the soft furnishing. When all the boats from the bucket went by yesterday it was breathtaking.

Glennie’s St. Barths Trip Report: March, 2018

We had dinner at the new Quartier General which had a lot of the same menu items that Cote Port had. We highly recommended it as its just a wonderful setting for evening.

Weve driven around most of the island and everywhere there is new foliage – especially where the palm trees are sprouting new shoots like babys hair. And so it goes….the beauty of the gardens and landscape around the island and then glimpses of the remnants of the destruction that the island sustained.

As a friend told us yesterday at lunch a Baie des Anges – “We must look forward not back because this is now a different St. Barths.”  And, yes, it is, but the soul and beauty remain and progress is being made daily.

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