How to Build a Memorable Vacation – Try Renting a Villa

Renting the perfect villa offers you space, privacy, and the feeling like you’re at home—except it’s better!

How to Build a Memorable Vacation – Try Renting a Villa

Whether you’re honeymooning in Turks & Caicos, reconnecting with family in Tuscany, or meeting up with friends in St. Barths, renting a private home for the week may be the best option for creating a memorable vacation.   So often when we vacation we default to the ease of hotel life…reserving a few rooms,  tapping in to the menu of scheduled activities and outings, meeting down by the pool in the afternoon, and then connecting over lunch and dinner at the hotel or resort.  While that option is comfortable, it’s also too “protected”. The comfort of the hotel or resort draws us in, and we end up experiencing less of the destination we are vacationing in.

One word you hear a lot now when people talk about their vacations is what they want to “experience”. It’s often a deeper connection with a destination’s people, cuisine and culture. Related to that is a desire to more deeply connect with the friends and family we are traveling with. What better way to accomplish those goals that to break out of the protective walls of a hotel or resort, and rent a private home for a week.

We’re not talking about wading through owner-direct listings and rolling the dice on a home (and a home owner) you know nothing about, we’re talking about tapping into a seasoned travel company like WIMCO Villas to find a personally inspected and approved vacation home within their portfolio that meets your specific needs, with concierge service provided before and during the trip to make planning things less stressful, and more fun.

When you vacation in a villa for the week you may find that it provides more space and privacy for your group, with little change in service, all achieved at a better value. You also might find that there are more relaxed and spontaneous moments created when you are all staying together in a house vs. separate hotel rooms – the type of moments that create wonderful memories.

Work with a reputable company that will handle everything for you

Villa WV LLA, St. Jean, St. Barthelemy
Villa WV LLA, St. Jean, St. Barthelemy


When you rent a private villa with a full-service vacation rental company (like WIMCO), each and every detail is managed, no matter how large or small. In addition to consulting with you to find the right villa for your group, WIMCO will schedule your flights, reserve your rental car, set up activities and experiences — even make sure your fridge is fully stocked when you arrive.  The best way to make a trip truly relaxing is to leave the planning to the experts. Share with WIMCO what you’ll require, and all the details will be taken care of, you so can relax. Once you arrive at your villa, WIMCO’s concierge desk is only a phone call or text away…ready to assist in setting up watersports, hiking trips, expeditions or last minute dinner reservations at some hot spot that you heard about from a local you met while exploring a village market that morning.

Pick the perfect villa vacation rental for your group (not just whatever is available)

Villa CT IRI, St. John, U.S Virgin Islands
Villa CT IRI, St. John, U.S Virgin Islands


One of the best things about working with a company like WIMCO that has a portfolio of thousands of inspected and approved private villas, is that you don’t have to settle for something less than your ideal. Decide how many bedrooms you’ll need, where you want to be situated (on the beach, close to town, high in the hills etc.) and any other “must-haves”. For example, you could say that you absolutely need an enormous pool with space for 12 chaise lounges around it, or that you need connecting bedrooms so parents can be close to their toddlers. Perhaps you’ve dreamed of a mountain top perch from which you can take in both sunrise and sunsets…all you have to do is ask.

Once you’ve determined the “must-haves” think about the extras

Villa PL TTH, Turtle Tail, Turks & Caicos
Villa PL TTH, Turtle Tail, Turks & Caicos


Renting a villa with a full-service travel company means you can elevate and customize the entire vacation experience:

  • Request that a decorated Christmas tree be set up in your villa if you’re traveling during the holiday season.
  • Book a local chef one night to source local ingredients and prepare a memorable dinner at the villa so you can  dine under the stars.
  • Arrange for a personal trainer to come to the villa every morning to get your workout in by the pool.

Ask your Villa Specialist any questions you may have

How to Build a Memorable Vacation – Try Renting a Villa

WIMCO’s Villa Specialists are unique because they don’t just book villas for clients, they know all of the properties and destinations intimately. They’ve traveled to the islands and countries you’re traveling to and thoroughly inspected (and oftentimes stayed in) the villas. Tap into their wealth of knowledge and ask any little question you can think of leading up to your trip to make your stay more comfortable. Your Villa Specialist can answer questions like:

“How far is my villa from a grocery store or local market?”
“What’s the most secluded, beautiful beach on the island?”
“What’s the best restaurant if I want to try conch fritters?”
“Will I need to bring a voltage adapter, or does my villa already have one?”
“During my stay, who should I contact with questions, or in case of an emergency?”

Take advantage of your personal travel expert

Villa BRV COL, Tuscany/Chianti, Italy
Villa BRV COL, Tuscany/Chianti, Italy


Ready to get started?  If you’re at the early stages of talking about where to go on vacation next, when starting the discovery process it helps to have a rough idea of travel dates and how many people may be traveling with you.  Like to start searching on your own? Head to the WIMCO website, call+ 1 401 – 849 – 8012, or email You’ll be connected peak with a Villa Specialist. They will work with you to discover your “must-haves” and desired extras, and they’ll provide you with a selection of villas they recommend that meet that criteria.

Renting a villa, whether on an island, in a city or in the countryside,  is the ultimate way to immerse yourself in a destination, and create memories with the ones that you love.

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Suggested trips

  • Multi-generational vacation in Tuscany – rent a villa in the vineyards, close to an historic hill town, and spend the week exploring.
  • Couples retreat to Grace Bay beach – rent a villa on the beach in Providentiales in the Turks & Caicos. Sun and snorkle by day, dine out by night, enjoy your own private pool.
  • Experience a world of activities in Punta Cana – rent a villa by the beach, enjoy golf, tennis, zip-lining, sailing and more…and retreat to the comfort of your private villa to catch your breath
  • Experience Broadway and Restaurant Row in Manhattan – Rent a private apartment in midtown or the west side, use it as a base to explore the city, take in a few shows, treat yourself to a dinner at a few bucket list restaurants, and at the end of each day come back to the calm privacy of your own apartment
  • Be George Clooney for a day on Lake Como – rent a waterfront villa, take in glorious sunsets, hop on a ferry to visit nearby villages, and explore the nearby alps
  • Foodies vacation in St Barths – rent a villa in Lurin, in the hills above Gustavia. From that central location you are within minutes of 50 restaurants. Schedule lunch and dinner each day, sample cuisines from around the world.

…all suggested trips include WIMCO’s signature concierge service for flight planning and reservations in advance of arrival, and concierge desk during your trip for last minute reservations, offering ideas for activities and being a resource for any questions or concerns that come up.