It’s Never too Early to Plan Next Christmas in the Caribbean

The villas are decked out for the holidays with Christmas cheer spreading across the Caribbean. If you’re missing out on the festivities, plan to spend next Christmas basking in the Caribbean sunshine. Find the perfect Caribbean hideaway for you and your family or friends, and ensure that next Christmas will be one to remember.

Ditch the white snow for white sand, the biting wind for refreshing breezes, and icy images for sunset vistas. Whether you choose the lush national parks of St. John, the family-friendly atmosphere of St. Thomas, the quiet solitude of Saba, or the casually chic style of St. Barths, a holiday retreat is the perfect gift for all your loved ones. Select a large, fully-staffed villa, such as Virgin Gorda’s Baraka Point or Barbados’ Fustic House, and let everyone in your party be pampered in the ultimate lap of luxury.

Baraka Point Villa, Virgin Gorda
Baraka Point

Plan spa treatments, sailing expeditions, surfing lessons, snorkeling adventures, fishing trips and so much more during your Caribbean holiday. On Christmas morning, wake up to the trade winds as they sweep through the open villa, and unwrap presents as Caribbean vistas meet your eyes from every angle. Spend long winter afternoons splashing in heated pools, sipping icy tropical drinks, and simply taking time to enjoy every moment. Bask in the wonder of Christmas in the Caribbean and cherish memories of the perfect holiday in paradise.

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