Nature Villas in St. Barths

Nature can be beautiful, inspiring, and enriching. It offers a glimpse of life outside of the contemporary and offers us a chance to relax, unwind, and become something bigger than ourselves. The lovely island St. Barths offers just this type of opportunity, with its exquisite settings and villas situated in the very heart of nature. As a beloved island in the Caribbean,  St. Barths offers people the chance to experience life’s priceless beauties, with its gorgeous beaches that shine with a perfect aqua blue sheen, its vibrant shrubbery that add a lot of color and zest, and the exquisite sunrises and sunsets that often bask the entire lands with a dazzling glow. With such opportunities to experience the beauty of nature, St. Barths is truly a beautiful paradise where people can relax and let their imagination wander.

The following villas are WIMCO’s most nature-esque villas, and all provide clients a chance to bask in the glory of nature and inspire them in their life journeys.

WV ADO-This villa is considered to have the most beautiful landscaping on all of St. Barths. Set in a very peaceful setting by the beautiful ocean blue, the villa is encompassed by exotic shrubbery, including palm trees. The exquisite views it offers of the sea and surrounding nature make it a truly unique gem that will always shine within clients’ memories.

WV BEV-The picture below clearly captures the beauty and essence that is Villa WV BEV. Located in Mont Jean, the villa offers clients a breathtaking view of the ocean, and the surrounding islands. What is perhaps most exquisite about the villa are the views of the sunsets. With splashes of vibrant color and the presence of the ocean below, the sunsets experienced at WV BEV are so gorgeous they could be the perfect inspiration for masterpiece paintings.

WV CAP-A cozy little bungalow located in the very heart of nature. Located near the ocean and neighboring shops, the villa offers the perfect balance of privacy and proximity to the town life. Very much resembling the setting of a perfect fairy tale, the cute little doll house is enshrouded by lovely plants and trees that give the area a vibrant and festive touch, a quality that can inspire clients to live life to its fullest and enjoy the little gifts that it brings.