On St. Barths: Romance is in the Air

What a great place St. Barths is for a romantic getaway…. Imagine a bottle of chilled champagne, the moon, a midnight swim and shooting stars overhead… Most beaches on St. Barths are deserted at night and you can easily find a quiet place for a romantic picnic with your loved one. Maya’s to Go, in St Jean, is a fantastic take out delicatessen shop where you will find all the delicious makings of a meal… salads, quiches, decadent desserts and much more… A few candles will set the mood and the glow of the moon will do the rest. An intimate evening, far from restaurants and people, to relax, hold hands while you stroll on the beach and talk quietly.  If you lose track of time, the sunrise, with its golden light, will slowly bring you back to reality. Time for one last swim before heading back home.