Pack Your Tennis Racket and Travel to St. Martin!

You are in ready position, firm grip, loose wrist, knees bent, and balanced stance. You take a deep breath and allow your shoulders and arms to relax gently. Your eyes are glued on the server and everything about your body is ready for the serve. The ball is perfectly tossed into the air and the server sends the ball sailing into your court. With eyes alert and your focus on the ball, your racket beautifully brushes up against the ball returning it to the opponent’s court. The ball spins into the air beautifully descending. The ball touches down just inside the line and then escapes outside of the baseline. A feeling of triumph enters as you relax your muscles and come to  realize the success of your return… ace!

best caribbean islands for new years

Is your mind volleying between whether or not to book a trip to the Caribbean? As the fall and winter months are approaching, the cold weather will allow for little outdoor activity. With the cold winds, falling leaves, and dare I say it…snow, your summer season packed with outdoor activities will soon be coming to an end. For all of you tennis fanatics, there is no need to put away your rackets.  St. Martin has the ace of all villas featuring the greatest of amenities that cater to your tennis needs. Imagine your vacation filled with warm Caribbean sun, sandy beaches, azure ocean, and a private tennis court!

Little Jazz Bird (Villa C Rod) is a four bedroom, four bathroom villa located in Baie Rouge, St Martin. This villa

best caribbean islands for new years
A bird’s-eye view of Villa C Rod!

features incredible amenities allowing for endless action and ultimate relaxation. Take a refreshing dip in the villa’s pool or relax in a lounge chair overlooking the beautiful blue Caribbean ocean. If you feel like digging your toes in the sand, this beachfront villa has easy beach access to Baie Rouge Beach. Take a walk down the beach and enjoy the cool ocean as it rolls over your feet, or dig your hands in the sand to create a sand castle masterpiece. By far the best feature of this luxury villa is the private tennis court. With a firm rectangular surface and low net stretched out across the center, you can play games of singles or doubles all day long.