Spring Vacation, St. Barths

Spring Vacation, St. Barths

After a busy spring with family vacations and spring regattas, we thought we’d share the latest news on the island from both clients and Villa Specialists. Check out Part Two of “Just Back from Spring in St. Barths” below.

Spring Vacation, St. Barths

What Our Clients are Saying

Who better to hear it from then those who spent their spring vacations in St. Barths?

Oceanfront villa in point milou St. Barts, vacation home, vacation rental

Villa WV BTR, 6BR, Pointe Milou

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“We had a spectacular time! Weather was perfect. Island looks pretty despite construction. The people/vendors were exceedingly friendly and generous. Less crowded and less traffic and more parking!!! We have never been down in April, so a happy surprise.” Lisa A., arrived April 18th

Private villa in St. Jean St. Barts, vacation home, vacation rental

Villa WV BBA, 3BR, St. Jean

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“Well, we had glorious weather and felt like a local. As our pal Charles Darden said on many occasions, St. Barters are excellent builders. We discovered all the pop-up beach clubs – our go-to was La Plage. The beach there actually benefited from Irma.”  John C., arrived March 3rd

Oceanfront villa in St. Jean St. Barts, vacation home, vacation rental

Villa WV DIA, 2BR, St. Jean

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“We had a great time down on SBH and thank you for your continued expert guidance. We thought the villa was beautiful with an unbeatable view. It is beautifully designed and decorated and the service was outstanding. It was fun to be on the island for the Bucket; we chartered a catamaran and had the best seats in the house!” John H., arrived March 10th

Oceanfront villa in st. jean St. Barts, vacation home, vacation rental

Villa WV BBS, 3BR, St. Jean

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“We had THE most amazing trip. The villa has never looked better and the island…I love it with fewer visitors. It truly felt like old St. Barths. We’re already making plans for another trip.” Tanya S., arrived March 16th

Oceanfront villa in Lurin St. Barts, vacation home, vacation rental

Villa WV OUS, 3BR, Lurin

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“The house and grounds of OUS are in great shape. It is amazing how well the property stood up and/or has been brought back to its current condition. From a tourist perspective, it is quite remarkable how well St. Barth has recovered. Beaches were in great shape and relatively empty. We shared much of Saline with more goats than people one morning.” Susan C., arrived March 10th

Oceanfront villa in st jean St. Barts, vacation home, vacation rental

Villa WV ABE, 3BR, St. Jean

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“We loved the villa!!! The view, the pool, breakfast delivered. The island was exactly as you described – much recovered. Over the years I have learned to completely trust your judgment and taste. You have never steered me wrong.” Mimi F., arrived April 14th

Travel Truths in st barts

“We lost internet for part of the day and the water shut off twice, but I think those are just the realities of life on the island right now. I texted (our concierge) Jules each time and someone was there within minutes to check out the issue.”

Jeff R., arrived March 31st
Our Take:
Just before March’s St. Barths Bucket, a ship hit the French Telecom line in St. Martin which affected parts of St. Barths. As luck would have it, at the same time, large swells from the North caused the desalinization plant to temporarily halt production, due to sand in the plant’s filters. We were so thankful for our guests’ patience during this unexpected time.

“The WIMCO team saved the day when we all lost internet service, and experienced the additional aggravation of blocked credit card usage and access to cash. They didn’t have to go the extra mile to help out their guests, but they did. I will always be grateful for their concern and their swift response, ensuring continued vacation bliss without interruption.“

Holly H., arrived March 4th
Our Take:
If there is ever an unexpected problem, we are your advocates and your support to get what you need. The WIMCOsbh office conveniently has its own fiber optic cable (we’re getting very technical here!) so we were lucky to act as a pseudo bank, helping clients get cash.

“We have been coming to the island for over 15 years so it was great to see all of our old friends and places we love. I think overall returning guests who love the island will have an amazing time, but new ones may struggle a bit with the construction.”

Teodora B., arrived March 26th
 Our Take:
If you are OK with seeing some construction trucks along your vacation, we think you’ll have a terrific time. (Where else has such amazing beaches, restaurants, and friendly people?) In addition, the wonderful David from our St. Barths team does regular “construction reports” from the island, so that we can know ahead of time if it would be wise to move you from your reserved villa.

“The beachside hotels are in terrible shape everywhere which has cut down on the number of visitors, but the beaches are all fine except for Flamands as the villas lining the beach were all partially destroyed by Irma which makes for a sad visual backdrop.” 

Dick N., arrived March 31st
Our Take:
The beachfront hotels are working tremendously hard in preparation for their Fall re-openings, and are also using this time to make desired upgrades. There are absolutely fewer people on island. With 60% of our 350 villas open and ready to welcome you, your Villa Specialist will ensure you’re in a villa that has the backdrop and amenities you’re seeking.

Notes from Your Villa Specialist for st barts

“It’s true! St. Barths has made an incredible recovery since that dastardly storm slammed the island in early September. Of course there are still signs everywhere of the strength of the wind and water, but what is amazing is that if you weren’t looking for it – you might just think that there is road construction and a lot of building going on.” READ MORE FROM GLENNIE>


A Glimpse of Nature

Thanks to client Jeff R, aka @blizzardgeek for sharing these wonderful photos!

Tortoise in St. Barts 
One of the many tortoise’s on SBH. Hint: they love hibiscus!
goats in Grand Fond St. Barts 
The Island’s first locals… goats at Grand Fond
sunset on St. Barts, caribbean island 
Out of Africa, or just another side of St. Barths?!
St Barts, yachts, caribbean, 
Mega yachts and mega blue waters at Gouverneur
Pearl Beach resaurant on st. barts, beach bars, beach restaurant, oceanfront dining 
New hangout: Pearl Beach!

Just Back from Spring in St. Barts Part Two
In Part 2 of our St. Barths update, we fill you in on new restaurant openings, a trip report from Villa Specialist Bethany, and kudos for your concierges.

What our Clients are Saying

Who better to hear it from then those who spent their spring vacations in St. Barths?

4 bedroom Villa in Point Milou St. Barts, pool deck with ocean views 

Villa WV SUM, 4BR, Pointe Milou

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“We had a great time and loved the villa we were in. To our surprise, everything from the phone and internet to the water were all working and the setup of the villa was lovely in every respect. We certainly would like to rent SUM again.” Jeff P., arrived March 10th

4 bedroom Villa on Lorient Beach, St. Barts, pool deck with ocean views 
Villa WV ABV, 5BR, Lorient Beach

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“We loved being back – the island is amazing! House was better than ever. We want to rebook!”  Linda R., arrived March 9th

4 bedroom Villa in Point Milou St. Barts, pool deck with ocean views, Caribbean villa

Villa WV DAY, 3BR, Pointe Milou

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“We had a great vacation and Villa WV DAY exceeded our expectations on every level. It was in excellent condition and met every possible need. What a magnificent setting. We loved sleeping to the waves crashing on the cliffs. We were very impressed by the amount of recovery that has occurred  – the residents need to celebrate what they have accomplished!” Mike S., arrived January 31st

St barts map
“Are there signs of Irma almost 8 months later? Yes, for sure. Can clients come and have a great time? Absolutely!! A vacation in St Barths is still as special and relaxing as always. Was this the best trip ever? Quite possibly.” READ MORE FROM BETHANY>


What’s New


It’s hard to think of a place with as many beautiful beaches and top-notch restaurants as St. Barths. As we said over the holidays, there are too many options for dinner to visit all in one trip. We are thrilled with the re-opening of more lunchtime spots, plus the renovations of old favorites. Here’s what’s new!


Pearl Beach Restaurant St. Barts restaurant 

Pearl Beach

Formerly La Plage this St. Jean beach enclave has been totally redone and renamed. Come for breakfast after a walk on the beach, or a fun and tasty lunch.

Nikki Beach St. Barts restaurant 

Nikki Beach

Welcome back, Nikki Beach! After an incredible 6 month renovation, this perennial favorite is back. It may be known for its parties, but the sushi and menu are seriously worth it!

Manapany St. Barts restaurant 


Under reconstruction when the Irma hit, the new Manapany offers an amazing new destination in Anse de Cayes. Come for their lunch set up on the beach, or sunset drinks by the pool

Mango Beach Club, St. Barts restaurant 

Mango Beach Club

Bravo to the Christopher Hotel, which has opened up its feet-in-the-sand restaurant, Mango. Come for a healthy lunch, BBQ on weekends, or cocktails and a DJ at sunset.

Bonito, St. Barts restaurant 


With a view of the harbor like Bonito’s, sensational food and cocktails and a great DJ, it was hard not to miss this iconic spot. We love the updates to the interiors, and are thrilled this Peruvian gem is back.

Quartier General, St. Barts restaurant 

Quartier General (QG)

Occupying the former Cote Port spot in Gustavia, QG is a relaxed but lively new spot for traditional French fare (salad de chèvre chaud, carpaccio, accras). Great for dinner or lunch post-shopping.


Rave Reviews for Your Island Concierges in St. Barts

The villa itself is just one aspect of your stay on St. Barths – our wonderful team of concierges and entire St. Barths office are here to make it a vacation, free of worry and full of delight!

What our most recent guests are saying:

“Another high point was the concierge, Max. I contacted him frequently and usually at night and he was always extremely accommodating, prompt and helpful. He organized surfing, multiple dinners for us, and a chef one night. The car was ready for us when we arrived and the welcome meal from Maya’s was good as well. He picked us up and got us to the airport on our way back and couldn’t have been more professional.” Andrew J., arrived March 17th

“Jules did a great job. He was very hospitable and always willing to help us. He mainly shifted around some last minute dinner reservations for us.” Dick N., arrived March 23rd

“The on-island WIMCO team was amazing: warm, generous, friendly, highly professional. It was impressive and we told our concierge Antoine that. So a special thanks to all of them.” Michael B., arrived March 2nd

“WIMCO knocked it out of the park again with service and follow-ups as needed (Moe is a super star).” Steve L., arrived January 26th

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