St Barthelemy Tourism Committee statement

St Barthelemy Tourism Committee statement of February 2, 2021

As the world is facing the resurgence of the Coronavirus, St. Barts is accounting for some cases but is thankfully not enduring any epidemic. We have managed to keep it at bay, the situation is well managed and under control.


However, independently of the will of our local authorities to keep St. Barts open, the French Government has just decided to put in place new preventive measures against COVID-19 “variants”.


This means no visitors will be allowed to travel to St. Barts or any other French overseas territories until further notice.


St Barts authorities are right now negotiating with the French government to ease the entry restrictions and find an alternative solution. Our aim is to reopen the island’s borders as soon as possible. We will update you on the unfolding situation regularly.



President of the Tourism Board