A Vist to St. Barths

Sunday May 1st: Steve, Maia & I took JetBlue Boston-St. Maarten, a short 3hr 10min flight (side note – coolest things on board: popcorn chips! even Stop & Shop has never heard of them). Arriving early gave us plenty of “hurry up and wait” time to get to Esperance airport on the French side for the trip to St. Barths. SBH Commuter carefully weighs all passengers & luggage for the trip, and not all bags made it on as a result. Eh, qu’importe… Once on St. Barths, we rendezvoused with WimcoSBH staff,who were holding down the fort. We then checked into Villa WV TDC which was our home away from home for a few days. I ended up with the Goldilocks-approved Baby Bear’s room with an awesome view which was perfectly fine. That night we ate at Andy’s Hideaway and enjoyed a wonderful meal.

A Vist to St. Barths

Monday May 2nd: Awoke to the news that Osama was killed by special-ops Navy seals. Naturally, I panicked thinking this was the President, and wondered why Steve was so calm. A little coffee, all was fine… Some of the villas, hotels and restaurants we recommend…­

Villa WV EUG, Grand Cul de Sac: *** a favorite! art, antiques, exquisite setting, next to Guanahani. Walk to beach, spa, and restaurants. Had an excellent lunch at Gloriette!

Le Toiny Hotel: *** hotel looking great, loved both the Jr Suite & regular suite.

Tuesday May 3rd: Villa WV JAX, Gouverneur: ** loved this! (although never used to). Now has a view as they cut down a lot of trees. Still Olde Worlde decor. Lunch at Sante Fe We moved to Villa WV BEN ** on Pointe Milou – we loved it – best sunset views imaginable!

Wednesday May 4th: Villa WV MAI, St. Jean: *** excellent! this was very cool villa loved it! Villa WV LLA, St. Jean: *** fantastic! we met the owner & his wife – a favorite villa! Dinner at Le Ti – the floor show was superb, and the meal was likewise

Thursday May 5th: Villa WV JAY, Mont Jean: *** stunning! Lunch at Guanahani Villa WV ARR, Mont Jean: *** excellent! one of my favorites! hip, cool, has a piano that I played.

A Vist to St. Barths

Friday May 6th: La Banane Hotel: *** wow! WOW!! cool, chic, hip. Lunch at Mango at the Christopher Hotel Villa WV ABT, Anse de Caye: ** very cool, excellent villa!

Saturday May 7th: Villa WV ART, Flamands: *** excellent! 2-story townhouse, all bedrooms on lower (pool) level. Lunch at la Langouste Villa WV PRX, Petit Cul de Sac: *** very cool, excellent villa! Drinks at 88, Dinner at Strand

A Vist to St. Barths

Monday May 9th: Hotel Saint-Barth Isle de France: *** saw the 3-bed beach villas with private plunge pool, ultra cool, calm, and collected. Villa HEN RFP, St. Jean: *** Still potentially my favorite villa on St. Barths. Dinner at Cote Port