St. Barths With Friends

WIMCO’s Editor spent Memorial Day weekend in St. Barths with friends. Just 5 months after the New Years visit, she shares updates on where to eat, villas she visited, and makes the case for a long weekend in St. Barths.

St barts island

St. Barths over Memorial Day

“One of the great benefits of traveling during Memorial Day is that (while not guaranteed) we can often arrange a 5 night stay. Plus, with low-season prices, it can be easier to corral a group of friends to come down. We were thrilled to call Villa BTR our home for a long weekend. I love the idea of planning a similar Thursday-Tuesday trip with friends late this summer or as a fall escape.”

Villa BTR in Pointe Milou St barts 

Villa WV BTR, up to 6 bedrooms, Pointe Milou

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“This villa has one of the most enjoyable views and pools on the island. We ventured out to the beach, but some of our best moments were just relaxing here in the afternoon. The ensuite bedrooms are perfect for couples, with deluxe linens and furnishings, and the workout room is a nice bonus.” – Heather W.

Villa Visits

“Pictures are only part of the story. What really defines WIMCO’s Villa Specialists is that they visit and stay in our villas. We can answer questions about the small details – from how much sun a villa gets to how spacious it really is. Here were some of the villas I visited (and photos I snapped!) this May.”

Villa NIR in Lurin st barts

Villa WV NIR, 5BR, Lurin

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“Tucked away in a cul de sac in Lurin, this villa is super sleek and has a birds eye view of St. Jean. It’s a great house for a group of friends who love being close to the action – you’re minutes away from Gustavia and Gouverneur.” – Heather W.

Villa ANG in Gustavia st barts 

Villa WV ANG, 4BR, Gustavia

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“Staying in Gustavia is really so much fun – it allows this independence to walk around the harbor in the morning and to see all of the happenings in town. I immediately felt at home here, it’s low-key but very comfortable, with a massive newly expanded pool.” – Heather W.

Villa FAB in Gustavia St barts

Villa WV FAB, 8BR (or fewer), Gustavia

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“It was such a treat to visit Villa FAB, as its 8 bedrooms and reasonable rate make it an excellent option for a large gathering of family or friends. The view and location is unbeatable, and while the style is far from modern, it’s authentically Caribbean and completely well-appointed.” – Heather W.

Villa GEM in Gouverneur st barts

Villa WV GEM, 4-5BR, Gouverneur

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“Maybe I shouldn’t pick favorites, but, GEM takes the prize for me. The villa is in Gouverneur with views to St. Kitts & St. Lucia, and you feel like you’re on a totally different side of the island. The deck is so spacious, and the pool practically invites you to dive in. This summer there will be a 5th bedroom added, too.” – Heather W.

Villa SUM in Pointe Milou St. Barts

Villa WV SUM, 4BR, Pointe Milou

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“Located just above The Christopher Hotel, this villa is like a secret you want to keep all to yourself! The Pointe Milou neighborhood offers rejuvenating morning walks, and the villa itself is supremely comfortable, with modern but playful furnishings. Great value, and I can’t recommend it enough.” – Heather W.

Villa OUS in Lurin St Barts

Villa WV OUS, 3BR, Lurin

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“One of the most elegant and refined villas on the island. It’s only 3 bedrooms, but on a spacious piece of land, with a meticulously manicured driveway. Wood accents and rich fabrics make it ideal for design-lovers. Plus, the views of St. Jean are unbeatable.” – Heather W.

BIG villa st barts 
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Five Nights With Friends

The Itinerary

“On Thursday night some friends arrived for the long weekend. As most had never been to the island before, I wanted to make sure it was special and well-rounded.”

Day 1

Tamarin st barts


“Our concierge Jules greeted everyone at the airport and then oriented them with the villa. After remarking how handsome and sweet he was (10x over), some people took a quick dip before heading out for dinner in the garden at Tamarin. The Chilly’s Marga (with hot pepper) and the fresh tomato salad were some of our favorites.”

Day 2

Pearl Hotel St Barts

Pearl Beach

“At the former Tom Beach hotel, this new spot was one of the highlights of the trip. The vibe and decor feels a bit like Scorpios in Mykonos, and the food just as fresh (try the Mahi burger). Afterwards we relaxed on their chaise lounges and watched the planes take off next door.”

Bonito restaurant st barts


“Bonito re-opened in March and I couldn’t wait to take friends here. While the ceviches and tartares are delicious, for me, the music is the reason to go! DJ Yo-One Sutter plays on Friday nights. This is also a great spot in the summer to go for a sunset cocktail.”

Day 3
Sailing in st barts

Daysail to Colombier

“Our concierge Jules arranged a catamaran trip with St. Barths Sailor, and it was the We packed a cooler with some wine, water, and goodies from Maya’s To Go, and set sail for Colombier. The boat was so comfortable, offered ample shade, and was a complete highlight.”

isola restaurant in st barts


“A long day at sea calls for…risotto? A cozy night at Isola was the perfect capstone to the day, and we enjoyed the fresh melon and prosciutto and more than a few pastas. We decided to scope out the scene at Bagatelle afterwards for a fun drink & dance.”

Day 4
Nikki Beach hotel st barts

Nikki Beach

“Nikki Beach looks brand-new after a complete renovation this winter – and bravo to their team for making it happen! We loved the day party on Sunday; the view, the energy and the service were all top notch. If you prefer a quieter lunch, opt for the first seating, and if you crave a total party, go for the second!”

dinner at the villa in st barts

Dinner at Home

“We discovered this year how much we really enjoyed having a chef come to the house to cook. After Nikki Beach and the afternoon at Gouverneur, it felt great not to dress up, and put on our own playlist at the villa. Our chef Fred made gazpacho, surf & turf, and pineapple carpaccio.”

Day 5
Eden Rock hotel st barts

Eden Rock Pop Up

“We spent the morning at Saline beach (a bit too windy this time of year), and then headed over to the Eden Rock pop-up on Lorient Beach. While the grill-only menu is slightly limited, it’s perfect for a burger and fries, and conveniently close to where we were staying.”

black ginger restaurant st barts

Black Ginger

“If you regularly read the WIMCO newsletter, it’s no secret that Black Ginger is one of our favorites. This was an ideal choice for our last night, relaxed and low-key…and who doesn’t love fried spring rolls? The service here is spot-on, and so welcoming.”

Time to Leave!
airport in st barts

See you Soon, St. Barths

“Jules helped pile all our bags and bring them to the airport while we stopped at Maya’s To Go for some mini baguette sandwiches (you know the ones) to take on our Tradewind flight. We left with 4 new St. Barths converts, and tons of great memories. If you’re thinking about it, take that long weekend with friends!”

st barts airport 

Take Advantage of our Air Dept

“On your next trip to St. Barths, ask to speak with our Air Dept, who can arrange both your domestic flights and your inter-island flights for you. When one person in our group had a major delay, WIMCO’s Air Dept stepped in and saved the day.”

Saline beach st barts 

Saline Beach Restoration

The non-profit group Make St. Barths Green Again is leading the effort to restore the sand dunes on Saline Beach. To make a donation to support this project please visit the Make-St-Barths-Green-Again GoFundMe page here.

Friend @JaceyDuprie from the blog Damsel in Dior recaps the weekend in a fun video…check it out here!