St Barts Covid Prevention Measures January 2021

In response to the Covid-19 prevention measures published in France on January 16, the Collectivity of St. Barthelemy issues new regulations on January 19 that included new measures to lower the spread of the virus, and protect the health of the island’s residents and its visitors. These new measures are expected to be temporary in nature. The goal of the new measures is to make sure the island remains open to visitors and safe for all who live here and those who wish to visit. Read St Barth Tourism Committee press release.

News Summary

Prior to boarding either the inter-island flight or ferry to St. Barths, visitors will be asked to sign a document that states that they to agree to the following:

  • not to frequent public areas for the first 7 days on the island, in particular restaurants, bars, boutiques, and churches.
  • to get a PCR Covid-19 test on Day 7 if still on the island. See test site locations.

What does signing this document mean?

By signing, visitors agree not to visit restaurants, boutiques, or invite friends to their villa for the first 7 days of the trip. It is each’s personal responsibility to adhere to this.

What will a vacation in St Barts look like with these restaurant restrictions?

  • Visitors may visit beaches and walk anywhere on the island without restriction, as long as they wear a mask, and practice social distancing
  • Essential shopping is permitted, such as shopping for grocer and pies, wine, and visits to the pharmacy
  • Deli Food SBH offers an online ordering and delivery service for 22 restaurants,
  • Many other restaurants offer take out options, visitors can call in orders, or ask their villa rental agency or hotel concierge to make the order
  • Visitors can reserve Private chef services, with either plated, tableside service, or to have pre-cooked meals dropped off.
  • For visitors staying with WIMCO Villas, your Personal Concierge will be completely at your disposal to make arrangements for all of your meals
  • Housekeeping will remain in operation daily, with the normal exception of Sundays and French holidays

For those of you who have made restaurant reservations prior to your arrival in St Barts, we will be in touch to discuss alternatives for you during the first 7 days. We look forward to sharing the array of options that we can provide for you. See a list of restaurants on St Barts.

The fluid nature of our current situation calls on us to adapt when necessary, and we thank you for your commitment to keeping St. Barths safe and open. If we may make any aspect of your vacation more comfortable, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

*These restrictions apply to new arrivals only; should you already be on island, you are exempt