Sunrise to Sunset, There’s a Glow Over Le Mas Caraibes

WIMCO Villa Le Mas Caraibes, St. Martin
Le Mas Caraibes

In the bright glow of morning, the first glimmers of sunshine reach up from behind the horizon as a new days breaks on St. Martin. In the evening, a deep orange cascades over the Caribbean as the sun makes its descent behind the darkening sea. From Le Mas Caraibes, the beauty of both the sun’s rising and setting glow over the villa, providing remarkable vistas from the start of every day to the end.

A unique and vibrant villa, Le Mas Caraibes draws its inspiration from Morocco, Singapore, Tuscany, and the Caribbean, blending colors, artifacts, art, and designs to create a rich mix of cultures that mesh together perfectly. The villa owner has collected furniture, fabrics, and decorations during their world travels and has incorporated them into the every aspect of this St. Martin villa, seamlessly working in international flair while maintaining an essential Caribbean feel.

vacation-rental-photo_France_YNF-PAN_Villa-Mas-du-Panorama_panpol01_tabletAnother unique and beautiful aspect of Le Mas Caraibes is the pool designed with Indonesian river pebbles, and surrounded by the stainless steel to reflect the Caribbean sunshine and the clear blue water. The cover over the deck provides comforting shade from the bright Caribbean sunshine, and allows the refreshing trade winds to wash over you as you bathe in the glow of daytime.

With sunrise and sunset views gracing this idyllically positioned St. Martin villa, you are able to enjoy magnificent vistas all through the day. The spacious natural wood deck invites you to lounge in the sun, soaking in the bronzing rays or lay beneath the covered area, taking in the gentle breezes as they sweep over St. Martin. At Le Mas Caraibes, let the tranquility of the Caribbean radiate through you as you enjoy the beauty of the villa and of the island.

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