Testimonial Tuesday: Having a Blast on St. Barths

WIMCO Villa WV ROY, St. Barths
Villa WV ROY

K.L. took some time away from the wintry weather, and found herself enjoying a relaxing trip on St. Barths where she stayed at Villa WV ROY. Blessed with constant, cooling sea breezes and warm sunshine all day, Villa WV ROY is a comfortable retreat set in Vitet. From the friendly folks to the secluded locale to the heart-pumping plane landing, K.L. quickly fell in love with St. Barths.

“We had an absolute BLAST and want to go to St. Barths back right now (it’s freezing back home!), but most likely we will return next spring. We loved Villa ROY and Vitet!  It was nice and secluded. The people on St. Barths were so congenial and it was one of the best vacations ever for us! The weather was perfect, too. We will definitely return to St. Barths from here on out. However, we were not warned about the fun airplane landing!! It was hilarious…My husband thought he was going to have to resuscitate the man in front of us after watching him break out into extreme panic upon our approach!!

We had a great time and can’t wait to go back!!”

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