The Best St. Martin Beaches

When you vacation on the French side of St. Martin, beaches are everywhere — here’s how to pick the best ones

The Best St. Martin Beaches

Traveling with your entourage of friends and colleagues is always a good time, but you undoubtedly encounter a difference of opinions every once in a while. However, if your group has made the decision to travel to the French side of St. Martin, you are likely on the same page about one primary desire: to spend plenty of time relaxing and recharging on a handful of chic St. Martin beaches.

The process of choosing a few perfect beaches, though? That can be a little more challenging. The entire island of St. Martin/St. Maarten is approximately 34 square miles — about the same size as Manhattan — and it is home to 37 pristine, unforgettable beaches.

The good news is that if you are staying on the French side of St. Martin (versus the Dutch side), you’ve already narrowed down your choices. Truthfully, it’s hard to go wrong with any St. Martin beaches, but we have chosen a few that we think will help your group truly unplug and unwind.

Busier St. Martin Beaches with Lively Atmospheres

The Best St. Martin Beaches

If your group wants to put in some good beach time, but isn’t interested in a secluded area, these beaches are a good compromise. They are a bit more populated and are great for people-watching.

Orient Bay Beach – Widely known as the “Saint Tropez of the Caribbean,” Orient Bay is a popular beach with a distinctly European feel. Topless sunbathing on Orient Bay Beach is not uncommon, and there is even a more daring “bathing suit optional” section at the southern end. This beach can get busy, but not overwhelming, and there are small bars and boutiques that are a nice break from the Caribbean sun. Water sports are also available if anyone in your group wants to take advantage of the gorgeous blue waters.

Grand Case Bay Beach – Grand Case Bay is not usually as populated as Orient Bay, but you probably will not find yourself completely alone either. The beach is smaller — thin, and only about a mile long — but you will enjoy unmatched views of Anguilla and Creole Rock and close proximity to the local fishing village. If you have any foodies in your group, there are dozens of gourmet restaurants and more casual “lolos” — tiny kiosks that serve barbecue and local seafood — for a quick bite.

Quiet Beaches with an Almost-Private Feel

The Best St. Martin Beaches

Busier beaches can be a good time, but sometimes there are other moments during vacation when it’s nice to have the sun, sand, and ocean all to yourself. The best part about many of these beaches is that WIMCO rents villas that are directly on them. That means even if part of your group wants to sleep in and the other part wants to have lunch by the pool, you can still walk down to the sand, close your eyes, and let the sound of the waves roll over you.

Baie Rouge Beach – The intimate shores of Baie Rouge (Red Bay) are the ultimate in privacy. The eastern side of the beach is more popular, but as you go west (where more villas are), it becomes less and less likely you’ll encounter another soul. The ocean waters are also very calm, making the water ideal for a leisurely swim.

WIMCO villas to rent on Baie Rouge Beach (for groups):

  • Villa C DPI – 7 br/7.5 ba/Pool
  • Villa C CAV – 5 br/6 ba/Pool
  • Villa PIE PAL – 3 br/3.5 ba/Pool

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Baie Longue Beach – Baie Longue (Long Bay) is completely uncrowded, undeveloped and perfect for one thing: relaxing. This expansive stretch of white sand (the longest on the island) is incredibly private and naturally beautiful.

WIMCO villas to rent on Baie Longue Beach (for groups):

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We’ve Never Met a St. Martin Beach That We Haven’t Loved

The Best St. Martin Beaches

Though certain beaches may be better for your entourage, it’s impossible to have anything but a positive experience on one of St. Martin’s many beaches. Just bring your swimsuit, sunscreen, and a beach chair, and this gorgeous Caribbean destination will take care of the rest.

On what other Caribbean island can you walk back and forth between two countries without a passport? Experience the French and Dutch culture of St. Martin — book your villa vacation with WIMCO right now.

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