The Party Goes On and On: Carnival in St. Martin

Carnival If Carnival is just one big party throughout the Caribbean, no island throws a bigger bash than St.  Martin. Over 17 days and nights, the entire island joins the celebration. Confetti flies through the air and calypso wafts on the trade winds as a rainbow of costumes fills the streets on the Dutch side of the island. The pinnacle of celebration is the main parade through the capital city of Phillipsburg- four miles of dancing, glitter, and music.

The rich smell of spicy soups, con ch, Johnny cakes, and barbeque chicken entice the taste buds as food vendors offer island favorites to revelers. Snack on delicious island dumplings while enjoying shows from performers from the around the Caribbean and around the world. In theCarnival Carnival village, Calypsonians from across the Caribbean compete for the title of Carnival King and Queen. After their crowning, partiers take to the streets for the parades and music of the Jouvert Jam, which begins at 4 a.m. and lasts until sunrise. Without a moment’s rest, the party keeps going throughout the day, with more parades, parties, and music.

St Martin’s Carnival cumulates with burning the effigy of King Momo, a straw figure of the spirit of Carnival. In his ashes, the sins and bad luck of the island are washed away, ensuring hope for the good things to come.

bgi-carnivalParty on the Dutch side of St. Martin, then retreat to the French side of the island for calm and quiet during Carnival. Bring all your friends along for the celebration and stay at Villa Belle Fountaine. This five-bedroom private villa is the perfect place to relax after long days celebrating Carnival. Spend afternoons resting poolside and enjoy the sprawling sea views straight to Saba before hitting Phillipsburg for the all-night parties.