The Private Exclusivity of St. Barths’ Le Toiny

Le Toiny
Enjoy the seclusion and privacy of St. Barths’ Le Toiny.

Hidden amongst lush gardens on the St. Barths’ hillside, the the secluded bungalows and villas of Le Toiny offer guests absolute privacy. The fifteen pastel-colored villa suites are spacious and luxurious, providing guests complete comfort.  Fourteen of the bungalows are one-bedroom suites, perfect for couples looking to hideaway in the Caribbean. There is also one three-bedroom suite, ideal for families looking for the villa experience with benefits of a luxury hotel.

For those who are not content with simply lounging by their own private pool or on the white sand beaches of St. Barths, Le Toiny provides snorkeling gear in each villa suite, so guests can explore the stunning underwater reefs. This exclusive hotel is also situated on one of the best surf spots on St. Barths, and provides two long boards and a paddleboard for guests’ use. Guests at Le Toiny also have free access to the Flamboyants Tennis Club.

Dining at Le Toiny’s restaurant, Le Gaiac, is a delectable experience. Combining French, Creole, and hints of Asian inspiration, Le Gaiac’s unique offerings are nothing short of delightful. On Tuesdays, order the “Fish Market” and enjoy the show as the fresh catch is grilled al la plancha in front of you. If you enjoy the culinary spectacle, finish your meal off with the Crêpes Suzette, flambéed at your table. Aside for the unique fare served with impeccable flair, the food at Le Gaiac is also special for another reason. The soil of St. Barths in unsuitable for agriculture, so produce is flown in from elsewhere, however many of the vegetables at Le Gaiac come from the organic greenhouse located on the property.

At the end of your day at Le Toiny, laze on the invitingly soft sofa and enjoy your time on St. Barths doing nothing at all.