The Sleek and Chic St. Barths Villa WV RKU

Villa WV RKU
Villa WV RKU

As the sun glides over the island, and begins to set, the gentle evening light shines over Villa WV RKU. The golden glow spills across the shimmering water in the distance while you watch from the poolside terrace. As the sun disappears, the evening glow lingers over the St. Barths, the beauty of the island cast in soft light.

Looking over the entrance of Gustavia Harbor, this St. Barths villa offers stunning views throughout the day. Villa WV RKU’s spacious pool is located in the front of the home, so you can take in the unbelievable sunsets from the surrounding terrace. The contemporary and simple design of Villa WV RKU lends to its exquisite use of indoor and outdoor space, so the beauty of St. Barths is never far from your vision.

Modern and chic, this three-bedroom villa is a comfortable getaway for couples looking for a St. Barths retreat. Set in Lurin, Villa WV RKU is relaxed and open, just the place to unwind and take in the spectacular views. The simple décor of the Villa WV RKU, dressed in natural woods and clean white, adds to the villa’s sense of serenity.

Villa WV RKU’s three bedrooms are nearly equal, with one featuring a king-bed, while the others each feature queen-sized beds. The fourth wall has been removed from each bedroom, allowing the Caribbean air to fill the space. Each bedroom has its own private terrace, perfect for sunbathing and relaxing in the grace of St. Barths.

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