There is Something Special about a St. Barths Villa Vacation

The warm yoke of the sunset glistens across the clear Caribbean water as you lounge by the pool, sipping your rum punch. As the trade winds caress you in a cooling blanket, you think how unfortunate it is that the rest of the world will never look as beautiful now that you’ve seen the paradise of St. Barthelemy. With a sigh, you let that thought float away with the tide and allow your cares to fall behind the horizon with the setting sun.

sunset at the breach in St. Barths
From spectacular sunsets to immaculate beaches, St. Barths has everything for your perfect Caribbean villa vacation.

There is something special about St. Barthelemy that makes it unlike any other Caribbean island. Delicious cuisine, fabulous shopping, amazing water and land activities, gorgeous private luxury villas, and Caribbean flair mended seamlessly with French chic style- it is no wonder why St. Barths is the ultimate destination spot for travelers with the most discriminating tastes.

While St. Barths has everything you need for an idyllic villa vacation, the island’s most prominent features are the amazing white sand beaches that stretch across the clear turquoise of the Caribbean. From the amazing distant island views of Anse Du Gouverneur, to the nude beach front of Saline Beach, to the spectacular shopping near St. Jean, and so many more, the beaches of St. Barths are sure to make you forget about the rest of the world as you relax in the warm Caribbean sunshine.

As the sunsets over St. Barthelemy, there is only one guarantee: tomorrow will be another perfect day in paradise. Discover St. Barths yourself and start planning your Caribbean villa vacation with WIMCO.