Trips for Two, With Your Significant Other and Beyond

Trips for Two

With Valentine’s day approaching, it’s immediate to think that trips for two are romantic ones. I’ve had great romantic trips, like the mini-moon my husband and I took this December in Anguilla after getting married in St. Barths. We did a whole lot of nothing – reading, big breakfasts, and a game of tennis every day. All we talked about was our wedding: highlights, funny stories, people who we had a great time with. We chatted about us almost self-absorbedly, because, well, it was just us.

Sister Trips, and Mother Daughter Trips

But I’ve had other great trips for two. Like the long weekend my older sister and I took 6 years ago in Barcelona.

Encouraged to visit museums from an early age, we whined about going, pleading to do anything else. Left on our

own, we purchased headphones at the Museo Picasso, walked to Parc Guell, and visited Sagrada Familia. We had tapas at 5 and then ate dinner at 10pm, because, well, we felt like it. We learned how to navigate our dynamic of being somewhere foreign without the structure of our family.

One of the best trips I’ve taken as just two was with my mother this summer, in St. Barths. We went for 4 nights in

July. It’s hot. I’ll go out on a generalized limb and say this month is not for everyone. But for my mom and I? It was perfect. We spent an hour each day at St. Jean beach. It felt like a bathtub. After dinner one night, we stopped by Bonito for “one, drink, one dance”, except in our case, they were virgin drinks – we were there for the music, not the hangover. Mornings were for Pilates, and we often skipped lunch in lieu of late breakfasts. Deciding our own rhythm outside the larger family was a joy.

Ideas for Two

Trips for two are lovely with a significant other, especially of the do-nothing variety. But in my experience, the mother daughter, sister-sister trips are extra significant. So, in the spirit of suggesting some trips you might not have thought of, how about the following?

Trips for two Playing tourist in Barcelona
Playing tourist in Barcelona

“Best Man” Trips. (Not to be confused with Best “Man Trips”, which I’m not qualified to write, but would enjoy reading.) Sure, bachelor trips are great, if you like splitting restaurant tabs between 14 people. But what about a more refined bachelor party, say, for the older groom, with just your best man? How about a long weekend kite-surfing in Turks & Caicos, or scuba diving in Grand Cayman?

Trips for two
Virgin Mojitos at Bonito

What about a father-son trip to the South of France, sampling vineyards along the way? If Dad gets to go to France, well, how about a mother daughter trip to Tuscany? I’m seeing pasta-making classes and a trip to the outlets in Milan…A trip with your favorite walking-buddy to Anguilla might be perfect. With the long beaches there, try a new beach every day. Get those steps counted before you try all of the gourmet options on the island (I love Blanchards).

Whether Valentines day conjures up sensational trips of years past, or trips you’d love to forget, hopefully it sparks the impulse to travel with someone, anyone, you love in 2020.

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