WIMCO Villas Publishes New Edition of Vendôme Guide, Chic St Barths Magazine. London Design Firm and International Illustrators and Photographers Assist.

November 18, 2015 – WIMCO Villas announced today that it published its seventeenth edition of the Vendôme Guide to St Barths, a magazine catered exclusively to that distinctive French Caribbean island. What started out as the company’s guide to villa rentals on the island has—over the course of 30 years—evolved into a series of musings, articles, and photographs on what makes the tiny island so beloved.

At 136 pages, the magazine comprises four sections: the “To Do List” highlights the best activities in St. Barths, such as the natural pools or kite surfing spots. As the name suggests, “Let’s Eat!” is WIMCO’s restaurant guide, written from a true insider’s perspective, including which dishes to try at each, as well as a side bar of St. Barths’ best pressed juice bars. The last half of the magazine showcases the company’s collection of villas, which can be rented by the week. Grouped in categories like “Romantic Retreats” or “For the Younger Set”, the genres suggest vacation trips themselves. Even the advertisements in the magazine are worth noting; chic French boutiques and local restaurants that showcase the spirit of the island.

Long-time readers of the Guide will notice a distinct new look. London based designers Studio Bowden led the art direction, commissioning illustrators from around the world: French artist Malika Favre, who has worked for the The New Yorker  and  Vogue, illustrated the cover—a striking scene from a WIMCO villa overlooking St. Jean bay. Clym Evernden, known for his work in Vanity Fair and for British designer Charlotte Olympia, drew whimsical scenes of WIMCO’s noted concierge service team in action. Dan Williams and Katy Wakefeld also contributed sketches.

Ray Parish served as the editor of the magazine. Having lived both in Manhattan and St. Barths, he has a unique perspective on the island’s allure, as well as a keen sense of what vacationers are looking for. One of the highlight’s of the magazine is the concierge services section, which describes all of the services the WIMCO has to offer: care to start your morning with Pilates at the villa? Your Personal Concierge can arrange that. Looking to organize a chef’s dinner chez-toi? Your Personal Concierge can do that, too. The magazine brings to life the all the aspects of one’s vacation with WIMCO.

For an oft-photographed locale (St. Barths is home to Victoria’s Secret annual campaigns, as well as many for JCrew and Vogue), the Vendôme Guide has integrated exciting new imagery. Photography was done primarily by St. Barths artists Gerald Tessier, Sebastien Martinon, Florent Gay, and Hugo Allard. Familiar with the landscape, they have found new ways to capture the je ne sais quoi essence of St. Barths.

The Vendôme Guide is named after Place Vendome, located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. The first issue was printed in 1985 with the subtitle “the art of travelling”. It served in many ways to offer what a website does now: catalog villas and present the experiences the island has to offer. “As the digital world becomes more omnipresent perhaps so too can the satisfaction of a print magazine,” says WIMCO CEO Tim Warburton.”We hope that it will become a coffee table book of sorts to you, with no need of a click to to remind you of all the delights St Barthelemy has to offer.”

WIMCO’S Vendôme Guide can be ordered by emailing info@wimco.com.

About WIMCO Villas

Winner of the Magellan Award from Travel Weekly for excellence in villa rentals and concierge service, and recently featured on the Today Show, Forbes Life, Vogue and HarpersBazaar.com, WIMCO offers a personally inspected collection of private villas, coupled with a full-range of concierge services. Veteran and well-traveled villa consultants provide planning both before and during a guest’s vacation. Their primary job is to match clients with the right villa for their lifestyle and budget, and then arrange every aspect of their trip, from flights to car rentals to private chefs and more. Their collection includes villas on eleven Caribbean islands (including St. Barths, Turks and Caicos, and Anguilla) and throughout Europe (including St. Tropez, Mykonos and the Amalfi Coast and Capri). Start vacation planning at https://www.wimco.com , or speak directly with a villa consultant at +1 (401) 849-8012. WIMCO also has a real estate sales office on St Barths. Inquiries for villa rentals or real estate may be sent to info@wimco.com