WIMCO’s Romantic Getaways in St. Barths

Traveling is a luxury that every couple should indulge in at least once. It offers people a chance to share new experiences, and enables them to form an even closer and intimate bond with each other. There is just something so romantic and lovely about exploring new beautiful places in the world with the one you love most.

St. Barths is the perfect island to make a necessary, luxurious getaway with a significant other. Its elegant French culture, exquisite beaches, lustrous sunsets, gourmet restaurants, and lovely private villas can all offer couples a fairy-tale vacation that they shall always cherish and remember with a smile.

The selection of private villas is what sets St. Barths apart from other Caribbean islands. Here are some of my favorite romantic villas for two.


Villa WV GUS is just one of those villas that exudes romance. Once you step inside and realize that this little piece of paradise is all yours, you’ll never want to leave. From the hammock to the suspended pool, there are plenty of areas which to watch the beautiful Caribbean sunsets. When you are ready to peel yourself away from the villa, you’ll be happy to know that the shopping and dining of Gustavia are just a short walk away.

WIMCO Villa WV GUS Kitchen

Villa WV BBE-Imagine waking up to a gorgeous dream-like a scene such as the one depicted in the photograph below. That is just one of the luxuries that Villa BBE has to offer. Located in Pointe Milou of St. Barths, the villa offers the perfect setting to relax and bask in the glories of life.

WIMCO Villa WV BBE Bedroom

WIMCO Villa WV BBE Living Room