Private charter and scheduled air service to St. Barts

Tradewind Aviation Charter Configurations

Planes servicing St Barts airport

  • Cessna Caravan and the Pilatus 12 both offer Turbine (jet-prop) engine safety and reliability
  • Two fully qualified, highly experienced pilots on every flight
  • Captains regularly attend simulator-based recurrent training
  • Superior short-field performance ~ ideal for the St. Bart's runway
  • FAA regulated US Air Carrier ~ Impeccable record of safety and reliability
  • Uncompromised commitment to safety
  • New planes with daily maintenance checks on all flight days

Convenience & Confidence for 6 ~ 8 passengers

  • Fly into San Juan on dozens of choice direct flights every day from every major US city
  • 24/7 service to accommodate varying schedules
  • Less than 1 hour flying time between San Juan and St. Barts!
  • Pre-clear customs with time saving private handling directly from your flight to Tradewind's waiting aircraft
  • Accommodate additional luggage ~ surfboards, golf clubs ~ as well as the full complement of luggage


  • Air conditioned, ample legroom to stretch out and relax
  • Lavishly appointed private jet-style interiors
  • On-board DVD player with wireless or personal headphones
  • Leather Club Seats and a full bench in the back for 6 - 8 passengers
  • Wide (5'5") aisle for ease of cabin movement
  • Leather club seating with writing tables
  • Uniquely designed enclosed lavatory
  • Work tables, laptop power outlets, in-flight phone/data links


  • Cessna Caravan is $2,995* per plane each way, 8 passengers plus luggage
  • 1 hour flying time
  • The Pilatus is $3,990* per plane each way, 6 passengers plus luggage
  • 45 minutes flying time
* Rates are for travel Fri - Sun non black-out days. Please ask about pricing for weekdays and blackout days

Full equipped to exceed FAA standards with the latest navigational and safety technology

The Big Question Everyone Asks:
If I spring for a private charter, will I save money? Is it cheaper?

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Cessna Grand Caravan
The Cessna Grand Caravan

Cessna Grand Caravan interior
Cessna Grand Caravan interior

Pilatus 12
The Pilatus 12

Pilatus 12 interior
Pilatus 12 interior

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