All Dressed in White: The perfect villa for a Greece Wedding!

Ioannis Retreat

A Spectacular View of Ioannis Retreat

Dreaming of an unforgettable Greek wedding? This very exclusive property, Villa Ioannis Retreat, located in a privileged position in Mykonos, Greece, includes all of the amenities needed for the unfolding of a gorgeous Greece wedding. This 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom Grecian villa provides a spacious layout to ensure the bride, groom, and their guests, a comfortable and enjoyable retreat.

The View from the villa is extensive with sea views over the Delos and Rhenia islands. As the sun sets over these beautiful islands of Greece, the vivid colors will leave your entire wedding party breathless.

The Ambiance is versatile offering various terraces and relaxation areas that truly embrace the entire property. Amidst the rocks and garden that over look the pool, there is a wooden deck with comfortable sun-chairs ideal for sunbathing and nighttime repose. The villa offers the perfect ambiance needed for both the wedding ceremony and reception!

The Design is striking throughout the villa with traditional white washed walls, unique décor, and beautiful marble tiles with hand-carved designs. An impressive open staircase, from the entrance hall, leads to the upstairs quarters, where there is a beautifully decorated and romantic master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, perfect for the bride and groom.

The Chapel is within the villa retreat making the transition from ceremony to reception simple and fluid. This white-washed private chapel dominates the scene of the villa offering a gorgeous ceremonial sight from every part of the villa.

Planning a memorable destination wedding to Greece doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The Ioannis Retreat is the perfect answer to all of your wedding needs. Click here to learn more about WIMCO’s Mykonos, Greece villa rentals and vacations!


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