24 Hours in Anguilla: Caribbean Escapes, Tastes and Sights

If you only have one day to experience Anguilla, Caribbean lovers can still enjoy the best of the island.

Any amount of time you spend in Anguilla will never be enough. You’ll return home dreaming of white-sand beaches and multi-course meals with the freshest ingredients. If you only have 24 hours to visit this Caribbean paradise, hone in on what Anguilla is known for: rest, relaxation, and natural beauty.

1. Beach it – 1pm

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Anguilla’s 33 beaches are consistently ranked among the Caribbean’s very best. For your 24-hour trip, consider putting down your towel on Shoal Bay Beach. It’s the most popular beach on the island, but busy isn’t in its vocabulary, and you’ll never see water that is more turquoise in your entire life. If you want to beach-hop, enjoy the gentle shoreline of Rendezvous Bay, or kayak to the private Little Bay which is only accessible by boat.

2. Take a sunset cruise – 4:30pm

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You won’t see the whole island in 24 hours, but you will get an incredible view of it from out on the ocean. WIMCO can arrange for you and your guests to sail away on a deluxe sunset cruise. You’ll sip champagne and nosh on appetizers while you marvel at the stunning sunset shades of red, orange, and yellow.

3. Book an unforgettable dining experience – 8pm

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Your sunset cruise docks in Sandy Ground at about 7:30pm, which is perfect, because one of the most talked about restaurants on the entire island is in the same area: Veya. Make a reservation at this culinary heaven with a treehouse vibe. Chef Carrie Bogar regularly visits with diners to explain the menu and offer recommendations, while Omari Banks (son of island legend Banky Banx) plays live music. Don’t miss the sautéed red snapper and basil mashed potatoes with a citrus-garlic sauce.

4. Sleep it off – Accommodations for the evening

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After you’ve indulged at Veya, spend the night at CuisinArt Resort & Spa. The whitewashed buildings with bright blue accents will make you feel as if you’re vacationing in Greece, but the massive infinity pool will remind you that this experience is distinctly Caribbean. Leave the balcony door open and let the sound of the waves below lull you to sleep.

5. Breakfast of champions – 9am

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In Anguilla, Caribbean breakfasts are fresh and delicious, and you’ll find one of the very best options right in your hotel. Café Mediterraneo is located in CuisinArt Resort & Spa. It has its own hydroponic farm, and they use their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs in all of their onsite restaurants. One of the best ways to enjoy the farm-fresh fruit and veggies is by ordering a smoothie with your breakfast.

6. Treat yourself at the spa – 10:30am

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With only a few precious hours left in Anguilla, unwind in the spa at Viceroy. The cliff-top location creates an intimate setting, and the selection of services goes far beyond basic massages and facials. If you’ve never had your chakras aligned using colorful scarves, surrender to an opportunity for releasing your tension.

7. The final meal – 12pm

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Before you go, sit down for lunch at Straw Hat restaurant. Listen to the waves crash as you enjoy an Anguillian Cubano or Blackened Lobster and Shrimp Tacos. The restaurant is located right on Meads Bay, one of Anguilla’s most beautiful beaches. If you have a little extra time after lunch, relax with a cocktail in one of the Straw Hat’s complimentary beach chairs.

What’s the rush? You can always stay longer.

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After your 24 hours in Anguilla, Caribbean fantasies may be on your mind more frequently than you ever imagined. Contact WIMCO, and we will help you choose a private villa in Anguilla. We can also make recommendations for how to spend your entire week – golfing, anyone? – and book the reservations, flights, or anything else you may need.

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