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Exlpore Fabulus Greece, villas in Mykonos and Santorini

Otherworldly food, ancient history, and opportunities for nightlife…what more do you need in a European vacation? Villas in Mykonos and Santorini are some of the best in class – terrific pools and spacious living spaces. See our picks for a perfect week in Greece.

Mykonos Villas

Villa Jasmina

Large water front villa in Mykonos, Greece with a pool and outside sitting area.Villa LIV JAS, 4BR, Mykonos View Villa

Although a small island, Mykonos is spread out and definitely requires renting a car. This villa is located just 3km from town, and 2km from the beach, giving you a great mix of villa life plus proximity.

Villa Gaia

Villa in Mykonos, Greece with water views and a pool with outside sitting area.Villa LIV GAI, 5BR, Mykonos View Villa

This villa is in an absolute prime position of town, and given its location, offers an attractive alternative to a hotel. The room configurations are poised for friends, with two rooms offering twin beds.

Villa Super Paradise Two

Large water front villa in Mykonos, Greece with a pool and outside sitting area.Villa LIV SP2, 3BR, Mykonos View Villa

It can be difficult to find a 3 bedroom in Mykonos, and so if you’re traveling with a group of friends – this is the spot for you.

Villa Solelia

Large water front villa in Mykonos, Greece with a pool and outside sitting area.Villa LIV SOL, 4BR, Mykonos View Villa

One of these bedrooms has twin beds, which makes it useful for couples & singles traveling together, or families with kids!

Santorini Villas

Villa White House

Water front villa in Santorini, Greece with amazing views.Villa MED WHT, 3BR, Santorini View Villa

The location just outside of Oia (about a 10 minute walk) provides both convenience and a sense of privacy and quiet. Can be rented for as few as 3 nights.

Villa Gaia

Water front villa in Santorini, Greece with a pool and outside sitting area.Villa MED GAI, 3BR, Santorini View Villa

Can be rented for as few as 3 nights, an amazing option if you plan on island-hopping!

Villa Cyrene

Two bedroom villa in Santorini, Greece with outside courtyard. Villa MED CYR, 2BR, Santorini View Villa

Can be rented for as few as 3 nights, on a nightly basis.

Lunch Options

Mykonos offers some of the freshest, healthiest food you’ll find on the Med. While most restaurants have a DJ component, it makes for a jovial atmosphere as opposed to a champagne-spraying party!


A romantic dinner under the bougainvillea at Avra, in Mykonos town…an authentic taverna at Katrin’s…sultry vibes and healthy food at Interni…party, party party at Nammos…a dip in the ocean while waiting at hidden gem Kiki’s…your sushi fix at Masuhisa at The Belvedere…

Trips in Novels

Day Trips

Our Special Projects Manager, Michael, spent late September exploring the Greek Isles. Here are his ideas for day trips.

Ruins in Akrotiri Greece seen during a day trip. Akrotiri
“The site has been nicely preserved and presented and is worth a visit. For those who have visited Pompeii, this is much smaller in scale and easily toured. After Akrotiri, we wandered over for a view of Red Beach and on to lunch at one of the beach restaurants in Kamari.”

A view of the harbor and boats in Naxos, Greece at sundown.Naxos
“We had a driver take us to some of the key sites and villages. This was a wonderful way to get a quick overview of the island. We visited the Temple of Demeter (530 BC), the artist villages of Chalki, and the marble-laden streets of Apeiranthos. In town, we gazed at the Temple of Apollo, commonly referred to as “the door from nowhere.”


“While boarding a ferry is a bit of a mass movement of travelers and wheeled luggage, the Blue Star vessel was large and comfortable with all the conveniences.”

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While Athens is a natural starting point, virtually all airports in Europe fly direct to both Mykonos and Santorini. Our pick? Find a great flight to your European hub of choice, spend the night, and take an easy (and inexpensive flight) to the islands. Contact WIMCO to chat options.

From the UK:
London –> Mykonos (EasyJet from London Gatwick, or British Airways from Heathrow)
From Italy:
Fly direct to Mykonos from Florence, Milan, Naples, Rome, and Venice
From Spain:
From France:
Paris and Nice

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Explore some of our Greece value villas here!


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