Flying to St. Barths – Getting There is Half the Fun

Landing in St. Barths is an exhilarating experience.

How does one get to the exclusive island of St. Barthelemy? With only a small airport, there are no large commercial carrier flights to St. Barths. Guests flying to St. Barths have two options, either a 15 minute puddle hop from St. Martin with Winair, or a 75 minute ride from San Juan with Tradewind Aviation. Both these airlines run daily flights to the Caribbean island, and with planes carrying between 7 and 19 people, passengers feel as though their on a private charter without the expense.

Landing on St. Barths is a memorable and heart-pumping experience. Passing low over a hill almost at a stall, planes drop down onto a short, downward sloping runway. Pilots then skillfully pull the breaks and reverse the engines before reaching the St. Jean Beach at the tip of the runway. Beach goers often enjoy watching the exciting landings close to the white sandy beachfront.

Find more about air travel to St. Barths at WIMCO.


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