How to Drink Like a Local with 3 Tuscany Wine Tours

With more than 157,000 acres of vineyards, the best wine can be found in one of these three Tuscan wine tours.

tuscany wine tours

The Tuscany region of Italy doesn’t just produce wine — it is wine. From the verdant, rolling hills to the lush green landscape, vineyards have been the heart of the Tuscan culture for over 3,000 years. Tuscany isn’t a destination where you order a glass of Chianti with dinner – you order the whole bottle.

The same concept holds true when visiting the many authentic wineries in Tuscany. You could visit one wonderful winery and immerse yourself in a full-bodied Brunello di Montalcino. But, with a history as rich as Tuscany’s, treat yourself to a day hopping from winery to winery, experiencing unique flavors and production techniques.

Leave planning Tuscany wine tours to the experts

tuscany wine tours

1. Tuscan Wine Tours by Grape Tours

The Grape Tours team has connections at some of the best wineries in Tuscany — the kind that are small, family-run, and make first class (usually organic) wines. With an impressive roster of 10 guides, you will be led by someone such as Bernardo, a native resident of Florence and professional sommelier.

Choose from half day and full day Tuscany wine tours, as well as various private and premium tours. Since food is always include, plan to feast on homemade bread, olive oil, and local prosciutto.


2. Wine Tour in Tuscany

Donatella, your tour guide, was born and raised in Siena, and she could probably usher you across the Tuscan countryside completely blindfolded. With five different Tuscany wine tours to choose from, you’ll have the opportunity to personalize your experience.

If you are a big foodie, or want to combine different experiences with drinking wine, there are other hybrid tours to choose from including an organic food tour, cooking class, and pizza and wine tour.


3. Franco Wine Tour Experience

Franco Fadda is a native Tuscan from Siena, and when you meet him, it will feel as if you’re hanging out with your cool, Italian best friend who is thrilled to show off his home country. He’ll share stories he heard growing up about the people, towns, and the history of Tuscany. He’ll also update you on the lesser known spots to visit that you’d never find on a map on in a travel brochure.

Franco offers different full day tours and will drive to your villa to pick you up. Not sure which tour to choose? Try the Chianti Classico, an 8-9 hour guided tour that explores the heart of the Chianti Classico (the area that stretches from south of Florence to the north of Siena). You’ll travel through Medieval hilltop towns, learn how Chianti Classico is made, and even get schooled on how to tell the difference between the main grape varieties.


If you’re going to drink wine like a local, live like one too

tuscany wine tours

When you’re ready to unwind after enjoying a long day of Tuscany wine tours, wouldn’t it be nice to dine al fresco and watch the sun set over the rolling green hills in your private backyard? Your WIMCO Villa Specialist can make that dream a reality for you. Browse our Tuscany villas now.

Leave a comment: Would you rather take a wine tour that spent the entire day at one winery, or one that allowed you to visit three or four different wineries in a day?


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