Les Voiles de Saint Barth: A Regatta In a Class of Its Own

April 2011 marked the successful completion of the second annual Les Voiles Regatta in St. Barths. For participants and spectators alike, the racing was full of excitement and enjoyment, building a solid reputation for the event amongst its more tenured Caribbean counterparts. Although it’s been only two years in Les Voiles’ existence, the competition has the allure and environment of a regatta that has been established for decades. Sailing enthusiast or not, the week of the Les Voiles Regatta is one of the most exciting times to be in St. Barths and is sure to provide fun and enjoyment for visitors of all interests.


Most of us here at WIMCO love sailing but don’t have the experience or skill set of those competing in the Regatta; however, it didn’t stop us from contributing to this already fantastic event. WIMCO was a proud sponsor of the Regatta, and donated a week in a WIMCO villa to the owners of the winning boats for two of the racing classes. Nico Courtlever, the owner of NIX won the racing cruising class, and was awarded with a week in Villa WV ANC, overlooking Gouverneur beach. Jim Swartz, owner of VESPER, won the racing class, and was awarded a week in Villa WV EBA high in the hills of Vitet. Pictured below is WIMCO CEO, Tim Warburton, presenting the boat owners with their respective awards. As if the trophies and emotions of winning this prominent competition were not enough, the chance to revisit the amazing island of St. Barths was sure to please the winning teams. A complimentary week’s stay in a WIMCO Villa in St. Barths… now that’s an award worth winning!

Les VoilesLes VoilesLes Voiles

Whether you have traveled to St. Barths or not, attending Les Voiles Regatta provides a unique setting that everyone can enjoy. Picture yourself watching the Regatta from pristine comfort of your own WIMCO villa. And the racing isn’t the only benefit of Les Voiles, the after-race events make it one of the most lively times to visit St. Barths. It’s not too early to plan your trip so that you can take advantage of Les Voiles 2012 and everything the week (4/02/12-4/7/12) in St. Barths has to offer.

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