Traveling to St Barts – Is St Barts Open Now?

St Barts is open for tourism. What’s required to enter St Barts?

September 23, 2021 Update :

  • Vaccination requirements:  All travelers 18 and older are required to provide proof of vaccination (CDC card) to enter St Barts. Travelers under 18 are not required to provide proof of vaccination
  • Testing requirements: All travelers 10 and older are required to provide proof of a negative covid 19 PCR test, from no more than 3 days prior to arrival. Children under 10 are not required to provide test results, however it is a good idea to get tested when traveling. Alternatively, you can provide results from an Antigen test from no more than 2 days prior to arrival. Travel testing advice, read covid test scheduling tips.
  • Countries with additional restrictions
    • Residents of RED classified countries (see list below) must produce the following to enter the territory
      • Proof that they are fully vaccinated
      • Copy of a negative PCR or antigen COVID test results from no more than 3 days prior to arrival
      • Proof that they have a compelling reason for entering St Barts (have relatives on the island, own a villa on the island, are providing medical or other essential services to island residents)

Covid protection measures on-island:  Starting Sept 13, proof of vaccination or proof of a recent negative covid test will be required to enter all restaurants and bars. Travelers can show their CDC cards at the door,  or register for a digital “Pass Sanitaire” , which is a proof of vaccination that you can carry in your cell phone. To get the digital covid Pass Sanitaire, simply download the Tous-Anti-Covid app in the Apple App store or Google Play store. The 10pm curfew that was put in place in August has been repealed as of Sept 1.

Country classification for Travel to France as of September 23, 2021: 

Source for color coding map: French Interior Ministry

“Red list” countries : Countries where active viral circulation has been reported, including relevant variants. These include the following countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina,  Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Costa-Rica, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Georgia, Indonesia, Iran, Maldives, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Seychelles, South Africa, Suriname, Tunisia and Turkey.

Here are the requirements for travel to St Barts.

1. Valid Passport or Visa.  No visa required to enter St Barts if  you are a citizen of the US, Canada, any EU country, and most of Central and South America. Not sure if you need a visa to enter French St Barts? Use this French government search tool to determine if you need a visa to enter St Barts.

2. Proof of vaccination. All travelers aged 18 and older will need to provide proof that they have been fully or partially vaccinated.  Children less than 18 years old are not required to provide proof of vaccination. Travelers should send proof of vaccination to their villa rental agency or hotel when making their reservation. Travelers may also be asked to show proof of vaccination when checking in for their flights, and again when arriving.

3. Negative PCR test. All travelers aged 10 and older will need to provide proof of a negative Covid 19 test. Travelers will need to show proof of a negative result when checking in for their flights

  • PCR test taken no more than 3 full days prior to arrival. For example, if you are scheduled to arrive on Saturday afternoon, then plan to schedule your PCR test for the Wednesday morning prior to that,  OR
  • Rapid antigen test no more than two full days prior to arrival.


–  As of June 21, travelers who are over 18 and are not vaccinated can only enter St Barts if they meet two requirements

A. Provide proof of a negative PCR test

B. Provide a compelling reason to enter the island (visiting family in St Barts, visiting a business you own in St Barts, providing essential services to the residents of St Barts – the compelling reasons for entry must be submitted for pre-approval). Having a medical waiver for not being vaccinated, IS NOT a compelling reason for entry.

5. IF FLYING IN VIA ST MARTIN –  If you are traveling to St. Barths through St Martin, even if you are not spending a night in St Martin, you will need to pre-register with EHAS  (Electronic Health Authorization  ).

To complete EHAS you will need the results of your PCR test (or antigen test) plus proof of medical insurance coverage. There is a $30 fee associated with this which covers mandatory travel insurance.  EHAS will then send you a confirmation email authorizing you to enter St Martin. You will need this email in order to board your flight to St Martin.

Please note: When returning home via St Martin you will also be required to submit a request via EHAS to enter St Martin, although no additional testing is required.

See official letter about the June 9 reopening from the Comite du Tourisme de Saint Barthelemy.

On-Island Actions to Limit the Spread of the virus  – September, 2021 Update

To protect unvaccinated seasonal workers from the virus, the Prefecture of St Barthelemy and St Martin are taking the following actions:

  • Closing discoteques and night clubs from July 26 to September 30.
  • Requesting that people wear masks in enclosed public spaces like boutiques and stores
  • As of September 1, there is no curfew

From the official statement: In Saint-Barthélemy and St Martin,  there was an emergence of clusters among seasonal workers from mainland France who spread the virus during festive activities. For this reason, the Prefect of Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin has decided to close nightclubs as of today in order to contain the chains of contamination. The use of dance floors in drinking establishments is also prohibited in Saint Barthélemy, as in Saint Martin.

CDC Health Alert Classification.

Ready to Travel? Where Can You Get a PCR Test?

We recommend using COVID testing centers affiliated with large hospitals and university medical centers such as Weill Cornell Medicine in Manhattan, Yale New Haven Health centers in Connecticut, and Tufts Medical Center in Boston.

Here are some helpful links to find a PCR test center near you:  Tests for Travelers

U.S. Government Test Center finder: Health & Human Services test center search tool

If you do not live in an area with a medical center that can quickly process test results, you may want to order an at-home test. Here are three at-home nasal swab testing options:

Let’s Get Checked 

The Covid Consultants  

Empower DX Lab

French Government Classification of Health Risk Map for Travelers – July 30 update. 

Fully vaccinated travellers are no longer subject to restrictions to travel to or from France, whatever the country of departure.  Non-vaccinated residents from the countries in red are prohibited from entering St Barts at this time. We anticipate that these travel restrictions will ease as the new case counts decline in the affected countries.

Source: French Interior Ministry


Ready to Start Planning Your Trip to St Barts?

When you are ready to start planning your vacation in St Barts, why not let WIMCO take care of all the details? Contact Us for assistance in finding the ideal villa, booking your international and inter-island flights, renting a car, making restaurant reservations and so much more. Call 1-401-849-8012, email:, or use our general inquiry form.

Insiders tip – make sure your passport will still be valid at the time of travel. Passport renewals take longer to process now, so plan ahead.


Connecting to St. Barths through San Juan (SJU)?

If you are traveling to St. Barths through San Juan, and you are not spending the night there, you do not need to complete the online travel request form required for travel to Puerto Rico. Just show your negative COVID-19 test result, and continue on to St. Barths. The same is true when you are transiting back through San Juan on your way home.

If you are spending one or more nights in Puerto Rico, you will need to apply for permission to enter, which requires proof of vaccination or proof of a recent PCR test.

Travel Safe Puerto Rico registration form


Travel Insurance Options

Regardless of where you choose to travel, we recommend purchasing travel insurance. Visit the travel insurance marketplace to shop for the policy that best fits your needs.

Travel Tip:  Looking for an extra level of assurance when traveling? Consider a MedJets membership for peace of mind.

What Tests Are Required When Returning to the US?

Effective January 26, 2021,   All people entering the U.S. from a foreign country are required to get a viral test (a PCR or Antigen test ) within the 3 days before their flight to the U.S. departs.

When issuing the boarding passes, most airlines will ask passengers to show their test result in order to board. Some airlines may ask passengers to fill out this Covid test attestation form to confirm the negative test result before they board. If a passenger does not have proof of a negative test then they are required to show a letter documenting that they had covid and have recovered (or a letter explaining that they can’t get vaccinated due to medical concerns). The airline is required to deny boarding to any passenger that does not produce a negative test result or letter.

St Barts Testing Sites

The island of St Barts operates several covid test sites. The main site is the Red Cross testing station in St. Jean, in the parking lot parallel to the end of the airport runway, near the cemetery. There are no appointments, just walk up to the tent, and bring your PASSPORT.  The cost is 40 euros per person for an antigen test, and 135 euros per person for a PCR test.

St Barts Red Cross Testing Site – hours of operation – October, 2021  (ask your WIMCO concierge to confirm the hours of operation)

– Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:45p.m., arrive before 10.45 a.m. for the RT-PCR tests

– on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m., arrive before 10:45 a.m. for the RT-PCR tests.

– The screening center is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Online pre-registration (optional)

See St. Barths COVID-19 test center map for test site locations


IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION – If you have had COVID-19, we recommend that you take the PCR test when traveling. The reason is that even after recovering from COVID-19, you will most likely test positive when using the antigen test method.  If you have no other option than to take the Antigen test, and you test positive because you had COVID-19 at some earlier date, you will need to produce proof of recovery (the PCR test result you got once you recovered).

What is the Covid-19 situation on St Barts now?  How many new cases of Covid-19 were registered in St Barts last week? How much of the local population of St Barts has been vaccinated? Read official reporting here.


Want to book travel to St Barts now?

If you have received a vaccine shot and want to book travel to St Barths, contact us to set up your villa or hotel reservation, rental car, and flights. Your WIMCO reservations agent will take care of the petition to enter paperwork for you. Email: or call 1-401-849-8012 from anywhere in the world.


If you are staying overnight on St Martin

The island of St Martin will accept both Covid19 PCR tests and  three types of Rapid Anti-Gen PCR tests, which must be administered via nasal swab. The test must have been taken within the last 2 full days prior to arrival.
a). Abbott – CGIA (Panbio COVID-19 Ag rapid test
b). Becton Dickinson (BD) –CGIA BD Veritor COVID test
c). Roche/ SD biosensor F test.


Staying in St Barths for more than a week?

If you are staying on St Barths longer than 7 days,the local authorities advise you to be tested on-island on day 7 using a rapid antigen test. This test is available at the Red Cross mobile drive-up testing center in St Jean  (near the soccer stadium, across the street from the pedestrian walkway to St Jean beach). Alternatively, the testing can be scheduled in your villa at a cost of 100 euros per person. Your WIMCO concierge in St Barths can assist in scheduling this in-villa test.

See St. Barths COVID-19 test center map.


What happens if I test positive for COVID-19 while on-St Barts?

If at any time a visitor tests positive for Covid-19 while on St Barts, they will be asked to self-quarantine in their villa for  7-14 nights, or until they show no symptoms.

If a visitors’ condition worsens and they require medical assistance, they will be examined by a physician in the villa, and then if necessary they will be moved to the quarantine housing by the sports stadium in St Jean. They will be monitored there by health professionals until they no longer show symptoms.  Travelers who test positive are permitted to leave the island after they end the quarantine, as long as they do not have any fever or symptoms.

If a visitor becomes gravely ill while vacationing on St. Barths, they will be airlifted to a hospital in St Martin, Guadeloupe, or Martinique where there are larger hospitals better equipped to care for the client.

The medical evacuation plane needs to be chartered by someone in the clients’ traveling party, at their own expense, which ranges from 1,500 to 2,000 euros. WIMCO’s concierge department or the concierge desk of any hotel can arrange the medical charter if this were to occur. Relatives or friends of the client may not accompany them on this flight, they must fly in a separate plane. The client is loaded in a lying down position into a long plastic capsule with an oxygen tank. The shell is then sealed to protect the crew and is loaded onto the airplane. Here is an example of the capsule used.

The medical charter is met by an ambulance on the tarmac at the destination, and the client is moved to the ambulance, and then to the hospital. Those with a MedJets membership will be met by a MedJet on the Tarmac, and will be flown directly to a destination of their choosing. Medjets will perform these COVID-19 medical evacuation flights if the individual has a MedJets membership, and if a local doctor states that they can be moved safely.


What COVID-19 protections are in place on St Barts?

  • Local health authorities provided guidance to restaurants to provide a safe dining environment. Steps include capping table sizes at 6 persons, and spacing tables 3-4 meters apart.
  • By French government decree, masks must be worn in all public places. See full details on the St. Barths COVID-19 travel page.


What businesses are open on St. Barths?

  • Grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, government offices, and other essential services are open
  • Restaurants in St. Barths now offer dine-in service, with increased spacing between the tables. Take-out service continues in many restaurants
  • Visitors are asked to practice responsible behavior, including social distancing and wearing a mask when entering an enclosed public building like the airport, or a store or shop


Which Airlines are Flying to St. Barts?

Tradewind Aviation provides scheduled service between San Juan Airport (SJU) and St. Barths Gustaf III Airport (SBH). You can find direct flights to San Juan from several U.S. airports, including New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. For assistance with flight planning, please email the WIMCO Air Department at

Win-Air and St. Barth Commuter both provide scheduled service between St Martin and St. Barths.

Looking for a more private flight experience? Contact the WIMCO Air Department to see options for private flight charter service from the U.S. or Europe into San Juan and St Martin, and private charter service to St Barths.

Tradewind landing in St. Barths

Are Private Villas Open and Available to Rent in St Barts?

Yes, now you can reserve a stay in most private villas on St Barths (Exceptions include villas under renovation, or those being used by their owners). WIMCO has revised its concierge arrivals service procedures per health authority guidelines and has provided enhanced guidelines for housekeeping for the 375 residences that we represent on the island. You can view those guidelines here.

For information about renting specific villas, please contact your WIMCO Villa Specialist or start your search here. To contact reservations, please email or call (401) 849-8012.

Start your villa search (featured here: Villa CMA)

What is the status of the WIMCO St. Barths office?

WIMCO’s concierge services office and real estate sales office in St Barths are open. We welcome you to drop in to say hello! Our offices are directly across the street from the airport.

The WIMCO office, across the street from the airport in St Jean

Will St Barts Stage Regattas in 2022?

Yes, the regattas will return to St Barts in 2022. The organizers of the St Barth Bucket Regatta and the Les Voiles de St Barth regatta have both announced that these regattas will be held in 2022.

Are hotels in St Barts open?

Yes. If you would like to make a reservation to stay in any hotel in St. Barths, simply contact WIMCO’s reservations department and they will advise you on what rooms are available at what prices. Visit the St. Barths hotel reservations page for more information.


Contact your WIMCO villa specialist at for the most up to date information on travel to St. Barths, or to ask to be placed on a destination travel alert list.

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